Why no NEM Virtual Machine?


I’m the first one to say that the official nem wallets are far from great, I just don’t see how any of this relates to security itself, which is what your original point seemed to be. Passwords are secure if you chose strong ones. None of what you’re suggesting makes anything more secure, it just makes it more convenient to use.

On a side-note: Biometric scanners are mostly just a cover for an additional key hidden somewhere in the hardware. You can’t really use biometric data for encryption directly, because the output of such scanners will never be 100% the same.


They really don’t do NEM justice. Since NEM’s strength is its security and ease of use of its smart features, it would be way better off if we could show them off better and make them more shiny.


Are you saying “far from great” is putting it too mildly ? If so, I agree :slight_smile:


I don’t really know about biometrics at low level, but I am sure that a full security procedure should consist of that 3 elements:

  • something you have: a physical beacon, NFC or bluetooth stick.
  • something you remember: an easy password or phrase, nobody is gonna remember an hexadecimal string.
  • something you are: voice, fingerprint, dna, iris,… I know that some are insecure. FaceId, Siri voice, etc… are a game actually. I easily unlock other iPhones saying command ‘Hi siri’.

For that reason I think that these techs should improve. We are stuck in a text password paradigm that was born in the 60’s

If you were your own bank, and had a wallet with some hundred bitcoins, wouldn’t you protect them?
Or a blockchain that was working with your health data, identity data, credit data,…

It was a separate thought, it was not my intention to start a debate on biometrics.


Let’s say I can imagine a day when many of our wallets are many fold prettier and easier to use.