Why PoI was rejected for upcoming elections? Question to current council members

An important question came up in the community in the last days: Why dont we use PoI to vote for elections?

The answer we have at the moment is that the council voted against it.

We as NEM Community want to know who from the council voted against it and why did they choose to vote against it?

Every community vote we had so far was voted with PoI, so for alot of community members it doenst make sense to not use it for the elections.

Current council members can be found at https://nem.io/about/foundation/

  • Kristof Van de Reck
  • Takao Asayama
  • Stephen Chia
  • Nelson Valero
  • Niko Maenpaa
  • Ronel Li
  • Ken Chan

NEM community deserves an answer before the votes happen, its really important question for a lot of NEMbers which can change outcome of voting



That should not be a problem, but we also found that communication and collaboration are not exactly a strength of the council.

Frankly speaking, this is a huge problem and I have strong arguments about it. Please find it below.

We should use PoI for this coming election. We shouldn’t wait till newly elected team change it for the next election, because they wont change it. Why? Because at least 2 of current Counli members rejected PoI and they will take part in coming election, claiming on President and VP roles.


Because it doesn’t suit the council?

What should have been baked into place from the beginning at the very least is a PoI triggering of its dissolution, obviously with the bar set rather high.

I didn’t realise until that Core dev perspective thread that NEM’s fundamental progress, public Catapult, is in their hands too.

I don’t get how everyone and everything’s future was handed to a bunch of largely unknown and unaccountable people.

Training, advocacy, publicity, is all sideshow stuff compared to that. I ain’t impressed.

This is a very important issue and we all should be concerned especially long term investors who are watching from the sidelines.

Poi is major part of the nem blockchain and builds trust ans integrity going against it shows no respect to long term holders and that the nem foundation council is not interested in the technology. Voting thru Poi shouldnt be discussable it has to happen on the nem blockchain or strong hands will change the sides.

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Thank you @spizzerb for raising this question. Every decision to date has been based on members holding NEM voting via PoI. If memory serves me correctly even the NEM foundation coming into existence and being allocated funds was a proposal that was voted on using PoI.

PoI is the very essence of NEM and our USP. Why are we now turning our back on it on one of the most important decisions the NEM community has to make?


Yes, this is somewhat ironic.

NEM POI voting is suppose to be a core feature of NEM, yet it is not being used for the Foundation elections?
The Foundation itself was voted in based on the POI voting module … weird :thinking:


Personally, I’d love to see POI voting… But…
I guess the Singaporean NEM Foundation had to follow legacy law rules and give “one member one vote”?
At corporation AGMs or at countrywide political elections, I don’t think we have weighted voting based on “how good a citizen you are” or “how important you are”.

The now going to be elected “NEM Foundation 2.0” could set a rule (“bylaws”) to conduct POI community or member votings in the future and accept the results of such voting as binding instructions for the council members to appoint the next round of office bearers.


yes this is a very good point

Interesting thoughts, if it really is the case that the laws dont allow a PoI vote i would like to have a council member comment on it so we can finally stop guessing about it :slight_smile:

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Could be that most of the politicians around the incumbent NEM Foundation “government” are busy doing political moves and election campaigning, or even chatgroup trolling - and have no time to respond over here. :joy::grin:

I am a bit upset of the lengthy discussions in NEM Red Telegram and the fact that the top management doesn’t clarify.
Below another attempt to explain matters.

Excerpt from the so called By-Laws of the NEM.IO Foundation Limited:

" […] Votes of Members
22. Subject as hereinafter provided:
a) Every Individual Member shall have 1 vote;
b) Every corporate Member shall have 2 votes; and
c) Every Country Chapter Member shall have 5 votes.
23. Affiliate Members shall have no voting rights.
24. Members who are eligible to vote shall cast all votes via the designated NEM account. […] "

Disclaimer: The above may be an outdated version. I am looking at a draft version from late 2016.

Greetings, Rene from LuxTag.
/ make NEM great again /

@r3n3 I am also interested in reading the current by-laws as well as understanding if these were every voted on by the foundation council and / or community at large.

The subject of why PoI was discounted should be addressed by the council ahead of the elections in my opinion.

Are all council members registered on this forum?

I don’t have the currently valid bylaws. I am not a council member or founding member of the NEM.io Foundation Limited.
As ordinary members, I am not sure whether we/I can officially request a copy of the constitution and bylaws…

Somebody from the foundation needs to handle this from here on.
Let’s call the https://nem.io/about/foundation/ people :wink:

in my case, we follow the ByLaws…as Rene already mentioned…that was the case…

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i hope so :slight_smile:

Thank you for beeing the first to answer this question :+1:

youre welcome…