Statement of Response: Moving Forward with NEM

This is Nelson, NEM Council Member.

It has come to my attention that there have been accusations being thrown at me that may be driven by ill motives. I know that many have genuine intentions, but some of the remarks are uncalled for and I am addressing them to ensure we can move forward.

The transactions I made that were irrationally accused to be “malicious” were transactions for personal purposes that were coursed through my trusted friend (and my personal assistant) whom I ask to settle my liabilities in the Philippines. The XEM that were sent are to be used to pay my rent and utility services in my home country.

Meanwhile, the 24 transactions with 500 XEM were disbursed neither to sponsor nor to buy votes (as others are alleging) but to lend the NEM Global Team staff the $50 required to pay membership fee, which is too high especially for a low-income country such as the Philippines. To put things in perspective, the average minimum monthly salary in the country ranges from $170 to $224.5. So the $50 membership fee is burdensome for most of them. It is true that blockchain is transparent as for the transactions, but you cannot see the real intention.

It has to be noted that the membership is never forced. Most of my staff are already registered NF members since last year, even before the election announcement. With the new rules, all members shall settle the membership fee and, knowing that this is quite too high, there seem to have been some hesitations on their part. It was at that point that I felt a certain kind of pride because of how much they have grown to understand and contribute to NEM and, more importantly, how much they want to be involved with the Foundation. Initially, I’ve been paying their salaries (from my own pocket) in advance to avoid delayed payments from the Foundation—the Council can prove that. That being said, why are some community members condemning the act of lending the membership fee? The Global Team staff are receiving their salaries on the 15th of the month and the deadline of the membership payment is on November 9th.

For the record, the team is not instructed to vote for specific candidate/s. They were in fact encouraged to do their own research and vote for the best and most competent candidate in this election.

While I am disgusted with the false accusations that are thrown upon me, I remain hopeful that through this election, the right people will be placed to lead the Foundation.

PS: If I am really cheating, why would I use wallets that are known and can be tagged to myself?

Click here to see screenshots and explanations behind the transactions

I would like to end with these 3 messages:

1. Professionalism — Let us move forward with supporting the NEM elections in a professional manner. If you have any findings and/or complaints, bring this up through proper channels––not on public channels with accusations that only seek to bring down people. Let us encourage people and support what they do and channel any queries professionally.

2. Politics — let us do our best to remove ourselves from any political divide and allow all candidates (when the list goes up) to present themselves and be voted in through meritocracy and not popularity. Let them prove that they deserve to lead as ExCo and Council Member and be accountable for it.

3. Participation — let us not be drowned by the voices of few, but speak up and represent the silent majority. I encourage everyone to participate in asking questions with courtesy, reading the candidacy documents without being accusatory, and showing support for council nominees with sincerity, and take part in voting leadership that you know will work hard to ensure that the Foundation continues to serve the community we have journeyed with and those who will come to know about our technology platform.

Thank you for reading this, let us move forward. The future is still young and bright for Foundation.



yes, it may be true that you just helped people who cannot afford to it and no intention to buy votes.
However, you were too careless about the issue which may arise IMO.

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So pretty much the membership fees are too high for some country’s.
This actually makes sense and is a flaw in the voting.
A flaw in the ability of Nem to cross borders.
The very thing crypto sets out to resolve has indeed become costly for some in different countries.

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Hi Nels, thank you for the clarification.

You see, in hindsight, you can tell and hear anything, but I would look, trust and verify at the blockchain.

People are decent, honest, beautifully spoken in NEM chats and forum. But look at NEM explorer. What would you see there? - Ugly actions. We get explanation only after huge resonance in community. It should be visa versa : explanations - > actions.

You took the initiative and decided to help your colleagues - this is commendable, thank you!
But also you had almost 1 week the share it community, you haven’t done it.

One more interesting thing.

You said yesterday

i send large chunk of xems to Ann because I used to pay the NEM Global team their salary to save them from delayed payments
i have nothing to hide andy conscience is clear…
I deny my involvement

Today explanations:

It was at that point that I felt a certain kind of pride because of how much they have grown to understand and contribute to NEM and, more importantly, how much they want to be involved with the Foundation. Initially, I’ve been paying their salaries (from my own pocket) in advance to avoid delayed payments from the Foundation—the Council can prove that.

I’m not a judge, you are not suspected.

In hindsight, you can tell and hear anything, but I would look, trust and verify at the blockchain.

This is not in the spirit of NEM…

The best regards, J





(This is also Nelz wallet ) Proof:

The same poloniex message - 9b98fa197e4e188f

As Nelson said, this is this address - NB5EKOJPJX667F3GMQSDUKHNSHVRYTQ3J4IGI6ZY
He used it for registration on election 1st time:

NBTMSQS2XCKN3APFCZHRU5LHIDMSXM6QON7N7D7P - also Nelson walelt (the same polo msg and sent xem to 2nd SN).

He used it for registration on election 2nd time:

Moving forward…

1st tx:

Amount : 25,555

2nd tx:


3th tx

Amount 49,555
Fee 0.25
Message from SN…to buy XPX

So Nels made 2 txs from his SN 24k xem and 25,555 xem. 49 555 moved to wallet - NNCEGJSUZB2MXBVHZKVIL7ZH7AWBAAG5O3VYT2PEP

NNCEGJSUZB2MXBVHZKVIL7ZH7AWBAAG5O3VYT2PEP - also this wallet, check history of TXs from initial wallet.

Let’s move forward:

3rd tx for election

4th tx for election

NC3TTT2U2IT5R3WGQ6VYZ6BY7Y3XFS2S663W4VLA - this wallet also related to Nels and ANN. Even dont want to check it…

We see full proof of at least 4 voices from Nels side, from current Council Member.

What would you like to talk about? Professionalism? Politics? Participation? Your game is over. You are good lier. There is no place for you in NEM Foundation anymore.

I would like to end with these 3 words - To be continued…

The best regards, John Galt


You understand there is kyc needed for every registration? So it is not 4 times nelz but nelz + 3 other people.

Really dude, if nelz wanted to cheat he would just use xem strait from some exchange.
He knew about the vote since he is in NF already and had more than enough time to do that.

There are transactions from his account to polo with correct message which proves he knows how to use exchange.

Please take a look diagram for better understanding.
Addresses and TX are clickable and contains NEM explorer links.


Nice diagram!
Does NEM need a coin mixer ?! :slight_smile:

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If you are bringing allegations you bear the burden of proof, no one else. You don’t take someone to court with circumstantial evidence and say “prove you are innocent.” That’s not how it works.

If you show for example that the accounts that were sent money were not sent money before, then it would seem like he was buying votes maybe, at the very least it would show nelson lying. If they are sent money all the time then so what! He should be entitled to help his staff register in time to vote.

Your last message is just showing transactions and labeling them “for elections” doesn’t make it so. You should at least acknowledge his responses and point out where you were wrong and explain your new lines of reasoning if you want to make this case.

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Disagree. No one should be paying anyone for votes. If the 500 XEM is too much, which in my opinion it is, then the FC need to review that. Why should “staff” be paid to vote, they are already being paid by NEM out of the funds allocated by the community (PoI was good enough then)

i didn’t say anything about paying for votes. how are they being paid if they are only being given the fee. they’re being enabled to vote maybe.

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Buying and paying… semantics

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