Foundation FAQ (Core Dev Perspective)

I presume Ann is the NAWKOISE account? 80K - 140K is a lot to send as a salary in a space of a few weeks. Also, why is the NAWKOISE account sending 500 XEM payments to multiple accounts, then the receiving accounts are using the 500 XEM to register for the election voting. Something doesn’t seem right here, it’s almost like the NAWKOISE is trying to get multiple accounts to sway the election by funding 500 XEM payments for multiple accounts to vote. Happy to be proven wrong. N3lzon Ann?


Looks like Rene has quoted a different account than what’s been listed in this thread I think. Seems more likely to be unconnected rather than an explanation and rene just disclosed this of their own will rather than answer it later?

Yes - I did disclose this in the matter of transparency :point_up_2:


Rene is clear.
Unlike Nelson, Rene is clear.

Unlike Nelson

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Explanation: Statement of Response: Moving Forward with NEM

omg lol!!:point_up_2:

Nem Managers, Nem developers and current crypto market trends are driving nem project towards epic failure. Question is - where did real money go ?

Until someone with both technical and business acumen is appointed to lead the Foundation and as Jaguar says actually executes their mandate then I don’t see how NEM can move forward. It is a damning indictment when the Core Developers are saying that the only reason development is even happening is because an external source is funding it.
Who is running business analysis on this? Who is running product? I will assume nobody at present which explains the delays on launching the public chain.

In the end it only creates negativity - sure blockchain centers are great but if more people are looking at NEM and NEM isn’t delivering then it is compounding the issue.

There are projects out there desperately wanting to build on something like NEM who are consistently being told “Catapult is not as far away as everyone thinks” only for it to keep slipping through the fingers of the very people who are supposed to be running this?!


Exactly - it should be run as any other business would be - ideas come from product and market research - are then distilled down to the Devs as functional specifications to be executed and released. Developers are perfectly capable of managing much of this themselves but without direction from Product it is mostly developers working in a vacuum developing features they think are required - Engineers are not the best people to design a product in this way, we are too bogged down in the details and the functionality to make the calls of what the product should consist of.


Who did not give feedback to technical roadmap?
We should not re-elect such council members.
Please tell us.


Why are there so many regional leaders without devs?
Build dev regional centers of excellence too.
Why is there only 1 Shin travelling around the world?

Should be 4 or 5 Shin doing the same in Europe, LATAM, …


What’s the salary of the core devs? Who are paying them if they are not working for NF?
Why NF doesn’t hire more devs? Perhaps there is no money in NF.
Anyway I’m still confuse with this game between core devs and NF. Both have to work in the same direction and support each others.

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I believe Tech Bureau still pays the core devs, don’t quote me on that.

100% of the fault lies on the Foundation. The devs are the same 3 devs that have been working on NEM since the inception. They do not have the time to be in constant contact with the Foundation, they have their job, and they do it extremely well. The Foundation needs to simply ask the devs what they need, and then deliver.

I am not in the foundation, I was against the formation in the first place. I felt that the sole purpose of the foundation was to boost members linkedin profiles. I think time has proven I was correct.

However, at this point, something like the foundation needs to exist for NEM, it just needs to be ran with the right intentions.


@Jaguar0625 How do you feel about candidates for the upcoming election that have development plans as a strategy?
I mean like hiring more good developers to assist the current core devs, working on catapult whitepaper objectives, increased activity/communication in this area from the foundation.
Is there some real work that can be done, or is it all smoke and mirrors?
I mean since Lon and Jeff stepped down… Lon was not a programmer as far as I know yet he had a decent grasp on the technical side of things, I mean he was here discussing Nem before a total supply had even been decided.


I would generally prefer not to comment on specific candidates, but would be open to commenting on specific policies if anyone has questions (within reason).

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Hi @Jaguar0625 this was my main question (quote above), it does not refer to any candidates or specific council members, I had added the other part as an after thought.
What I mean to say about the smoke and mirrors bit is we see aims, but are they supported by clear (or any) objectives? I mean anyone can say “Hire more devs” or “increase this and that” yet aims need objectives in the real world.
Within reason could you give possibly a few comments on this, just for the folk like me who have a minimal understanding of deploying anything like a Global Blockchain project.


Liar Liar - Pants on fire!!

Try hard. Try your level best. You are not going to win this time.

I dont understand all the hatred for Nelson, he does a fantastic job here in Australia (the entire Aus / NZ team does) - Nelson is not leading the foundation and hasn’t been for the past year, what he has done is overseen several large beneficial partnerships for NEM and enabled a lot of ANZ businesses to be building on NEM. They aren’t just pushing XEM, they are selling the blockchain of NEM.

Voting controversy aside I think he and his team are fantastic for pushing NEM partnerships forward but I stand by my previous statements of NEM needing tech & product leadership, that has never been his or Stephens job.

Whoever is placed to run the product and tech of NEM should do just that, I would expect each candidate to explain and be held to how they plan to fill these roles.


I’m not against Nelson. I’m against his policies. Why would you cheat on elections? So that you can get something out of it.