Why so quiet in the forum?

Now that the Foundation and Labs have more or less got their Yes vote for funding, seems like things have quietened down here in the forums. I just get a mild feeling of being used; as now that the their vocal campaigns in the forum have been done to get our vote, we don’t hear anything else since then.

After the misuse of our trust by the previous foundation last year, I am a bit weary and my trust levels are understandably low.

Are we expecting a desertion by the foundation in the forum once they’ve got their hands on the funds? Seems like the only time they were active were to get our votes for the funding.

Anyone else feel the same, or am I alone in my thinking?

Not really. It’s been nothing but admin pretty much so far.

Once the vote is complete and presuming funding is approved then they have a lot more organising to do. There’s already been plenty of it clearing up the mess.

I expect the next few weeks and months to be fairly quiet as things are put in place. Then the real work begins.

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NEM Foundation has committed to regular forum posts twice a month.

I think there should be more activity since part of the proposal included getting community involved in some form of decision making, for example projects by service providers would go on the NEM forums - NEM Foundation - Funding Proposal 2019

I do hope the forum is well utilised.

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I think this forum is quite alive compare to many others, if you talk about admins only, i believe after funding is approved they will organize something

I also see activity in some discussions and don’t think the forum dead. I guess it depends on the periods. Sometimes when crypto goes down, people become less active on the forums.

Hi, I am Steve and I can confirm that the foundation is working actively on setting up all regulatory measure to prevent the abuse for future funds. Policy for how foundation should work under is being established very quickly. And like Jason has said, we’ll actively update the community with our progress.