Withdrawals on yobit.net from yobitcodes?

Hi, could you please advise me regarding withdrawals on yobit.net. I contacted yobit.net Support, but they are unable to respond properly. I have created yobitcodes in which I have saved money. Now I need to do standard withdrawals, but I don’t know how to do a withdrawal from yobitcodes. Do I have to somehow convert these yobitcodes back to coins in balance and then perform a standard withdrawal ? How do I do that ? Or can I perform a standard withdrawal directly from yobitcodes ? If so, how do I do it ? Thank you very much in advance for your help and I really appreciate your help.

Dear Petr_Zourek, yobit is a SCAM exchange and they never respond proprely via custommer support. There is a lot of post here about warning do not trade on yobit cause they do not give you your coins back. Best of luck an let us know how did you solve your problem.

You can withdraw on Yobit now.