.wlt file gone! I have the name, pw and private key

I have the nano wallet installed on a usb stick. I could have swore I saved the .wlt file to the usb but now its gone. I have the name i chose, the pw and private key. Is it possible to recover the wallet? Its worth 50k nem!

If you have the private key you are safe. You can import the private key into nano wallet by clicking on “sign up” in the start page and then choosing “Private key wallet”.

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I’ve done that using the original wallet name, original password, I made up a new account address because I didn’t know what that is, and I used the original private key. I created and saved the wallet. I can now get into this wallet but the balance is showing 0…

what? what Nano Wallet version are you using?
You should only enter the private key, choose a network and enter a password two time in that screen.

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Version: BETA 1.2.12

Fields are:

Wallet name
Confirm your password
Account address
Private key

Upgrade to most recent version please.
You can download for example here: Nano Wallet Beta 2.0.14 - Mandatory update - Bug bounty paid in XEM

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Problem solved! Thanks everyone!