Would you like to blockchainify your artwork for free?

LuxTag has made making your artwork or any other item registered on the blockchain available to all, and it couldn’t be easier.

We have a free tier called Papyrus, and you can make certificates that work with the LuxTag mobile app on the iOS and Play stores.

You can literally be Luxtagging your items in 20 minutes from now.

Here are the basic steps and guide.

Step 1.
Create an account at Papyrus.luxtag.io. I find this is easiest to do by just signing in with Google. The screenshot below shows the login screen but you will need to go to the Create Account screen for your first time.

Step 2.
Top up your wallet. I suggest adding 3 XEM per certificate you want to stamp as a good estimation of costs. The exact price can vary. This is a web wallet, so it is not advisable to keep more than what you want to use in it. And since you can make a couple of dozen certificates for under a $1 in transaction fees, there is no reason to put a lot of money in your account. You can even scan the QR code with your mobile NEM wallet to top off your LuxTag account.

Step 3.
Navigate to the Dashboard and start to create the information you would like written to the blockchain about your artwork. You can include a photo too!

Step 4.
Your item will now be stamped on the blockchain. You will be able to verify it on the explorer too.

Step 5.
You will be able to see A LOT of information about your certificate, but the first and foremost thing is knowing that the QR code represents the private key of this non-fungible asset you just created.

Step 6.
It is time to scan that QR code with the LuxTag mobile app. This is available from the iOS and Play store.

Step 7.
Once you have installed your app, navigate to the Claim section of the mobile app, and scan the QR code on your LuxTag Product Information Page.

Step 8.
Once that is done, you will need to wait one minute for the block confirmation, and you will be able to see your artwork represented on the blockchain in your LuxTag app.

You will be able to see more information about it in your Product Info page too, so you as the creator can follow up on the items you certified and distributed.

There are a lot more things you can do with LuxTag’s free tier; this was just a basic intro guide. Did you know users can transfer these certificates from person to person after they have been claimed? And your Papyrus Dashboard will give you powerful insights into how your items have been used by the community too! Or at LuxTag we can make NFC chips for you that can be used with your artwork and LuxTag app. We take pride in meeting the needs of our clients and NEM community. Additionally, special customizations are available upon request.


Here is a promotional video about Papyrus.


Thank you, Jeff, for the support and visual aid on how quickly and easily Papyrus works! Glad to see the interest of the community!


Great idea @jabo38 and @luxtag_official I’ve been asked for something similar a couple of times recently, this is going to be one of those forum posts I share a fair bit in conversations I would suspect


Awesome post @jabo38. We are working hard on the upgrade to support Symbol. We will be ready when it launches. :rocket:


Interesting. Thx!

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Here is an example of how LuxTag is helping to secure artwork on the NEM Blockchain.


Proud to be mentioned in a the Art&Co discussion with Tim Draper mentioning NEM/LuxTag.

And thanks for the positive live chat comments!

Rene, LuxTag.io


huge thanks for all the links at anabolicmuscles.com , videos and helpful information. that’s something really helpful for me. it does looks like the future is in “blockchainifying” your projects and i will take a closer look to it. thanks


You’re welcome @Hatione :wink:
And, welcome to the NEM Community and its discussion forum!

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Great idea and I am trying to set up an artwork now - two issues:

  1. You are unable to attach photos

  2. Despite having 10 XEM it says insufficient funds

Any support would be great to help fix these issues

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Hi Awelfare,

I’m sorry you are having trouble using Papyrus. I would recommend logging out of Papyrus and then log back in (You can find the log out button at the top right corner). If you are still experiencing issues after that you can private message your telegram ID to me and I will gladly help you in sorting out those issues.

LuxTag Tech Lead



Thanks Jonathan - I have logged out and back in and still a problem

I am on Telegram: @ajwelfare


Jonathan is on it and PM’s you via Telegram. Thank you


Dear Awelfare,

We hope you are having a good day!
The issue has been solved, and from now on you can use Papyrus without any problems. Please let us know if everything is fine now. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on Papyrus!


All good thankyou - I have uploaded my first item and its all great

Thanks for your help


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