WoW, please make voting more complicated

Wow, please make voting more complicated and with more steps and more hurdles to keep people out.

  • $40 fee is a hurdle.! (500 xem)
  • Being 21 is an ageism hurdle!.
  • Government I.D. is a hurdle!
  • Number of steps is a hurdle!

This is reason people don’t vote in political elections; TOO many hurdles.
ID verification is one way politicians keep out poor people from participating in a democracy.

I am well over 21 myself so my disgust at this is NOT personal.

THERE should be a very VERY small fee if any (not 500xem, maybe 5 maybe 1). This is economic discrimination and not a well functioning democracy.

And age does NOT matter when it comes to ideas, why in the world would you have that qualification!!!???
Why would you keep out the young generation that is the future of all this???

Is a 19 year old programmer with solutions for NEM and stake in NEM not worth listening to?
** NEWS FLASH the Ethereum white paper was published by a 19 year old !!! **

Vitalik Buterin

Do I need to say more on this matter of **ageism **(prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.)???

Very disappointed :frowning:


Don’t forget that they can just reject you because they don’t like you or what you have to say…
You can see my policy document at because they would not include it with the others… Happy voting!

You mean like any membership ever ? Of course you can be rejected for being an unstable lunatic.

I think following NEM employees around to every city to protest against NEM and harass them as well as making a mosaic stating that NEM is a s##tcoin that should f##ked into the ground, is probably reasonable grounds to decline a member to the NEM Foundation.

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you are posting conflicting posts with a 15 minute time.
In one post you say this yet in another posted minutes ago you, you say that “John is a reliable candidate against Tony”
Starting to smell like spam.

Dude, you are rejected because you are a piece of trash. You’re trashing NEM any way you can, you’re stalking and harassing people in the NEM team at various events, you’re lying your ass off, and a lot lot more… And then you have the audacity of complaining about being rejected by the community.

Jesus christ what a sad clown.

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I never stalked or harassed anyone, and I’ve never lied about anything.

You… do realize there’s footage of you harassing Jeff at a talk, right? I mean you should know, you were the one recording the whole thing… And other people have expressed their concern about being stalked by you in the past.
And literally everything you said about the stake claiming process was a lie. Give me a break, you think just because Trump is your president now, you can just lie like him and people won’t remember the truth anymore.

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Oh yeah… poor Jeff… I forgot about him. boo hoo

I guess now we know your views on harassing the NEM team as well. Thanks for clearing that out.


You try keeping your cool when confronting someone who basically stole millions of dollars from you.

One thing I know is that your current actions have done nothing to help you.

Please explain what you would do… They’re not going to just spontaneously change their mind. I didn’t start out screaming. I asked questions on this forum. I made my case on reddit. I asked quite nicely the first time, but Jeff told me they had no intention of ever giving me my coins. That’s when I lost it. That attitude of F U came from NEM first, and I’m just responding in the only way that that they can’t ignore…

Seek legal advice.
If you are willing to pay money for that.
It may give you some peace of mind. I know little about your issue as I have only been around for 15 months or so, yet the proper legal channels would have been my first point of call, of course legal costs are often prohibitive as we all know how large fees are.
I doubt any solicitor would recommend your current plan of action.
Or else exercise due diligence and do your own research before you make a total ass of yourself or even worse get into some kind of legal trouble.
I see the police were present on one of your “trustworthy” videos, believe me, that is not a good look.

Ok, well that is all I will say on the matter.
Best of luck.

I’ve been to court hundreds of times. If you seriously think that a court is the best option you’re in for a big surprise when you find out that there is no justice there.

The reason why it feels like “there is no justice” is because you are in the wrong.

I’m closing this topic. It’s getting out of hand.

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