Wrongly accused "sock puppet" accounts - Request to the community

Hello, I’m just finding out about this situation. I ensured that was on a “final list” and then went on with my life. It’s been a couple years it’s true, but while the people involved have been living and breathing this stuff, and these deadlines seem quite appropriate to them, others were not. I had confidence that regardless of the length of time required, the devs would honor the commitments they made when the stakes were assigned. It now appears that that trust was misplaced. If the devs can’t be trusted then the coin is worthless in my opinion.

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devs can be trusted, because they did exactly what community decided.

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I thought the coin was to be distributed to around 4k people, from what I have found so far, it was only distributed to around 1500. I thought I was part of the “community”, but I certainly wouldn’t have agreed to this.

What? $26000? Are you serious? That is crazy, how? How much is one stake worth today?

I see in the blog that 2500 people got stakes and 500 didn’t. That is a lot who didn’t. How do I find out why I didn’t get my stake?