xarLee Coin Airdrop

Welcome to the xarLee Bounty Program.
Get free coins by helping us spread our project to rest of the NEM Blockchain community.

xarLee Faucet has been running since May '18, giving away xem, and now with new features we have added (distribute nem mosaics), we create the faucet coin asset (mainnet),
it will be a store of value and a future medium of exchange.

What actions are rewarded?

  • Posting in Medium, Steemit, Reddit about the faucet.
  • Youtube videos talking about the faucet.
  • Posting on personal blogs, or blockchain related category blogs.

You will be rewarded with 500-1000 xarLee coins depending on good content and blog audience.

The xarLee mosaic will begin to be distributed on Nov 16th.

Airdrop Contest

What is the namespace of the first mosaic ever created in NEM?

The first response will get 10 xarLee Coins

first mosaic is jabo38:red_token, so jabo38


Leave a comment with your address, and I will update the stake with 10 tokens.
The token will begin to be distributed on Nov 16th.

What does it mean NEM acronym?
The first response will get 10 xarLee Coins.

Leave your address in the comment.

I think I have got and idea to mosaic exchange in testnet.

The Testnet.help faucet will be able to distribute and get user mosaics (upon approval).

Currently it will not be a marketplace, but more a distribution platform of mosaics for testing.

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The first user mosaics are ready to distribution.
Now you can claim eth:eth, jpy:mosaic in xarLee testnet.

Make a request to distribute / airdrop your mosaics with xarLee in testnet & mainnet.
Please leave a comment with your mosaic data.

* levy not accepted

New Economy Movement


Worthless coins are not a “Bounty”,maybe google the definition of “Bounty”.
At least explain to folk that the coins are worthless, to be a “Bounty” the coins should have some form of redeemable reward.
Maybe this thread should be moved to programming as it is testnet.

Hi, maybe the word you are thinking is ‘contest’, actually there are two nets for this faucet:

you can use the testnet, and test sending mosaics, claiming mosaics, staking xarLee’s, etc…
Obviously all these mosaics have no value. Neither xem has “money” value.
But It has a value for developers, so it will remain as it is.

If you use the faucet mainnet, you can send mosaics that already have value, like Cache, tuts, xpx, dims, etc… and the faucet will send mosaics with real “money” value too.

Staking xarLee’s is worthless in mainnet today, but in the future some faucet mainnet features will need this stake. So maybe it’ll get some kind of value. Every token once created is worthless, even the first bitcoins too.
If you are confortable with the word “contest” instead of “bounty” that’s an option we can change.

So, in conclusion, this faucet is capable of sending in & out mosaics in testnet.
The same in mainnet, some mosaics actually will be worthless, some others will have some value in XEM and some have currently value.

I hope it is more clear now.

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That’s right!

Not only :slight_smile:

As original bitcointalk topic (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=422129.0) states also “No Envy Movement”

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Very interesting! a post from several years ago when nem was starting. :grin:

The airdrop has been sent to your wallet