XEM BM - XEM Bounty Management Project




  1. To increase the everyday usage of NEM in cryptocurrency communities and beyond
  2. To introduce new people, mostly active social media users and influencers to the cryptocurrency world. Firstly they will be introduced to NEM
  3. To make bounty management process easier and more efficient
  4. To make it easier for people to earn with their creative work, social media activities.

Idea of Project:

Getting involved in cryptocurrency blockchain world is very interesting and easy. Bounty campaign give good opportunity for people all around the world to follow, interact with the projects they like and earn some tokens (cryptocurrencies) for their contribution. However still there is no ideal way to handle bounty campaign. Moreover when there are so many ICOs going on it’s easy to get lost. There is necessity for a New Bounty service, which can later be extended to the biggest marketplace of creative labor, social media, advertising, etc.

XEM.BM Project’s Idea:
To make 1-stop place for the ICOs and New Crypto-related Projects which need additional voice, additional advertisement, and 1-stop place for crypto-community (bounty hunters, and different people who have some extra time for social media engagement)
The Platform XEM.BM should include the list of major social media and blogging platforms, possibility to submit articles for reviews and other creative bounties, signature campaigns management tool, translation bounty and many other useful tools and options.

Similar sites exist, for example https://theviralexchange.com/ which I took as example while speaking with developers.
But it is not popular now, it lacks promotion, it gives very small payment and has only 3 social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

Therefore I think it is right time to start this service.

NEM Economy inside XEM.BM
The users will earn XEM by performing social media and other tasks. The advertisers will deposit XEM and can setup prices for each task. The system will take 1% fee from the deposit from the advertisers’ side.
If the advertisers are ICO managers, they can have option to pay with their tokens.
Special appeal will be for ICO projects to move into NEM, then the fees can be lifted and they will be able to get Premium service (when the Premium option might be developed)

Development assumption:
NEM’s development bounty is up to $10,000
This is the amount which I would request for this project. The initial development cost might be lower than $5000, but it’s better to have bigger budget to be available to add more features and the remaining part will be spent for project marketing.
Also this project can fit into “Go To Market Bounty”, and if it wins into this category, this amount I will reinvest into further development, marketing.

I think this project will both promote NEM and will create the best marketplace for ICOs, bounty managers and crypto-enthusiasts, with appeal to new people to join blockchain world!


I think that this bounty project is a great idea.
We were thinking on a similar project, but we are not the only one. I have already seen various similar project as you have said.
I am working on a P2P social network including a payment application and a loyalty program.
We have identify a few ways to remunerate our members :

  • data,
  • payment fees,
  • advertising,
  • reward,
  • blogging,
  • training,
  • “bounty” (“we are better when solving others problem”)
    We were thinking of doing another blockchain in the NEM blockchain.

Thanks for reply and feedback
Because in general this idea didn’t get support from NEM community, I will put it "on pause"
In future I might develop it with my own funds
But then I will probably try to do it on EOS

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You are welcome.
Your bounty management project will be much appreciated now as some ICO manager discover that the usual “way” to launch their ICO via a telegram group has been compromise: 70 millions Telegram account usernames and phone numbers have been leaked and are for sale.
A bot can easily manage thousand or more phone numbers and steal token from any airdrop.
I am talking with a XEM community in Italia they may be interested in your project.
Let me know for further dev on EOS too.

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I also think some people overestimate the role of Telegram, there are other medias as well, including forums as this one and Bitcointalk.
Are you from Italy?
I’ll be in Italy in May, may be some crypto events there you can recommend?

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No I am French, but I work in London and in Milan.
I don’t know if I will be in Milan in May yet but I think I can find you some events.

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If there will be something interesting in Milan in the second part of May you can let me know
Or just in case you have time, may be we can meet for coffee there

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Hi Flodner,

Let me know when you will be a Milano.

I send you events from one organiser: Copernico

  1. This one is about A.I.

[https://www.coperni.co/it/eventi/milano/intelligenza-artificiale-la-realta-oltre-il-mito?utm_source=Mailup&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20Milano](https://www.coperni.co/it/eventi/milano/intelligenza-artificiale-la-realta-oltre-il-mito?utm_source=Mailup&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter Milano)

  1. Tech Invest Europe 2018.

[https://www.coperni.co/it/eventi/milano/tech-invest-europe-2018-fa-tappa-milano?utm_source=Mailup&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20Milano](https://www.coperni.co/it/eventi/milano/tech-invest-europe-2018-fa-tappa-milano?utm_source=Mailup&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Newsletter Milano)

If you want to go out, look at this website:


Next week I will have an answer from a IOTA dev in Milano if you are interesting.



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Many thanks for information!
I’m sending you PM now!

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Hi Flodner,

Maybe you will be a Roma in this days, if it’s raining you can go to this event on the blockchain.


Maybe I will still be a Milano the 17 May, I will confirm to you by mail.

See you


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Hello Fred,
Thanks! I think my level of Italian is not so good to attend, but I hope we’ll stay in touch and hopefully will meet in Rome or Milan!

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