XEM City Infrastructure Project

Hi everyone,

I am new to XEM and believe this is truly a great currency and financial tool. My undergraduate project was about making a Universal Basic Income crypto-currency and studying how coins gain traction and value in the real world. I want to proposition this community with the idea of using a small but advanced city to place a large density of nodes distributed to science, design and business educated people.

I propose a fund to make 1,500 nodes in Vancouver, Canada (pop. 2.4 million) and distribute the nodes to graduates of the science and business departments of the University of British Columbia, the BC Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University and Capilano University. I believe that these minds when placed together in a high density will begin to build services and platforms that we haven’t even thought of, I think they’ll improve the user experience greatly. They could install ATM’s and pull off sustained drives to locally promote the adoption of the NEM platform in restaurants and stores. 1,500 node and 1,500 new minds with skin in the game, all the while the rest of the community will most definitely see a rise in the value of their holdings of XEM because adoption is the number one driver of value in a crypto commodity.

This endeavor will cost 15,000,000 XEM plus nominal promotional costs, a large sum to everyone but I hope you see my vision for what XEM could be if it were over laid on a city, the potential is unknowable.



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Hi Phil,

Do you have milestones that you can share at this point?

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Would it make sense to start with a smaller, more focused project? Something along the lines of identifying where the NEM platform can be used within a university to reduce costs and improve a service.

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Hey thats a good idea, approach a University to participate. I will write up a short white paper for it and shoot to get a small ICO to kickstart the project.

Hi Phil, how are you getting on with this?

Stephen Hodgkiss