XEM payment in browser


What is the best option to incorporate xem payments in the web browser?

Suggest the user to use his nanowallet?

Embed a payment form within the web? If so, how do we have to ask for the private key?
If so, It is something that does not offer much security to the user, who do not want to show private key.

Is it possible to transfer XEM without informing de private key?

Any idea?


I am not overly knowledged in Nem online payments, yet I can say there is no need to show your private key to make a Nem payment.
Actually you should never expose your private key to anyone and never use it to make a payment, all you need is the recipients address, and the public key is all that will be seen by the public.
Here are a few links I found.


This is Travelbit, it does POS with crypto but I am not sure if it uses online payments.

This is a worpress plugin for online payments.


This regards “overstock” accepting online payments, yet I am unsure if it still does this.


These guys may also be of interest.

Hopefully somone will add to this reply that can define “online Nem payments” with a little more accuracey.
Hope the links give you some info anyway.


Hello Dan,
thanks for your comment.

I know that the public key is shown in a transfer, not the private key.
I think that in order to sign a transaction you must use your private key, so my doubt was how to develop a solution so that the user would transfer xem to another user signing the transaction without entering the private key in the browser.

I have reviewed your suggestions, and I think that generating a QR code and paying with the smartphone wallet is an elegant option. I will implement it.

By the way, not every user has an smartphone wallet, so maybe the desktop hardcore users will have to make the transfer manually, entering amount and message in nanoWallet and signing the transaction.

PD: Maybe exists a way to invoke nanoWallet from the browser, some link/protocol to an electron js process (nanoWallet), just guessing…

Moreover I don’t know if there is any project (opensource or not) in NEM community to develop a browser extension like “Metamask” for Ethereum. It has many features like wallet management, storing public and private keys, and more features other than just only sending tokens, but I think it’d be cool to have an extension like that for NEM.
I would investigate to develop a minimal extension for XEM/NEM.



Maybe you should check under the https://nem.io/community/projects/
the following 2 projects:


This could give you some ideas. :wink:



I am interested by the “metamask” subject also, have you finally tried to implement something?


I am focused in other projects, but you could try,
I am not really sure if already there is a catapult compatible project for that.


OK! I’ll give feedback once I have experimented with it!