Xem to xym guide

Can someone post a step by step Guide on how to recieve the XYM after Opted-in with a XEM Wallet ?

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The mnemonic can be found in the paper wallet of the symbol which you should have created at the end of opt-in.

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no i createt nothing i opted in like it said i should and then the only message i got was you have to update your wallet, so no mnemonic never heard of it

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so no step by step guide for xym ? iwonder why lol… what a joke coin mindblowing how one can make it so complicated.

Since the info was visible in my NEM Wallet during Opt-in, I expected the link is automatically made. Now the info is no longer visible in NEM Wallet…

I agree the user-friendliness of the XYM wallet could be a bit more aimed at explaning steps. I use my 24 mnemonic word (I did make paper copy) but than I have to select 1 out of 10 addresses of which none has a balance or matches the wallet address mentioned in my NEM Wallet…

I am lost

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hi, once you enter the mnemonic word in the next step you should be seeing opt-in wallet details will appear in the left hand side and new address will be on the right which you can choose

i recieved no mnemonic.i opted in via desktop wallet

When making a subscription in 2.4.7 opt in, the wholesale input was created. The symbol was created and mnemonica was issued to the address symbol, now that would get access to the symbol - you need to download the current version of the wallet!

v.1.0.0 Select imports of mnemonics, specify any login and password and enter the mnemonics, everything is simple!
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no not simple at all. and i dont have a mnemonic key i didnt get one when i opted in in september.

Where do i find the menemonic in the nano wallet ?

Here same issue. I remember XYM wallet info to be visible in NEM Wallet 2.4.7 under Services / XYM Opt-in. Since info was visible inside my NEM Wallet I left it there for safekeeping until I needed it after Symbol launch. Now that info is no longer visible, since opt-in is closed…

I am in the exact same boat, I did not get one during the process. I opted in and then it said it was successful and that I needed to update my wallet. I updated the wallet and now it says opt in finished, please update your wallet to get the latest details, but I have 2.5.1


My account shows that I opted in successfully here but I like others did not have a mnemonic during the opt in process. What can be done NEM?

I’m in the same boat.
Opted in. No Mnemonic received.

Giant cluster----.

Given the absence of any instructions, I don’t expect any help.

Yep I’m in a similar boat.
I have my Mnemonic and symbol address but when I went through the process to receive my symbol tokens the 10 account balances all showed 0 after I put in the Mnemonic phrase and none of them where the same address as the one I had been given at Opt in on the paper wallet. So I uploaded all of them just to see what would happen and I have 0 symbol in my wallet with 10 seed accounts. What to do?

Same issue here,
I just performed the opt in, and all it shows is “Opt in is finished, please update your wallet to get the latest details.”
What is this?

@Roelpi @Skippa @Bytas @crypt0 @slippy

Please give your NEM address and info how you opted-in (Symbol mobile wallet or NEM desktop wallet)?

I am in the same situation, and can’t seem to find a way to access the information from my NEM desktop wallet. I have the Symbol address and mnemonic from when I did the opt in, but that’s all I can find. My Symbol address is: NCKYKO-7753TF-V3UL5C-KC62RW-ZOQWHR-DIU6PX-7LQ.

Any help would be appreciated.

Okay, I managed to do it. It just wasn’t so obvious to me at first, but just importing the mnemonic and using a new login and password info to set it up worked, and it then showed the opt-in address that I could select. The XYM balance now shows up as it should.

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Hi there

Opted-in via Desktop app.