XEM vs. SYMBOL currency

Suppose that after March 15. both (XEM and SYMBOL) will remain on the market let’s say with the same values , which would still be the difference between XEM and SYMBOL and what can one and can not the other as a objective ?

There is not much to compare XYM and Symbol currency given that the former is native to the latter’s public blockchain. But, let’s say that your hypothetical assumption will have been correct, all XYM should be allocated based on each user’s XEM account balances.

XEM is written in Java, which was cloned from NXT and XYM in written from scratch in C++. C++ is a lot faster and more dynamic than Java. The majority of cryptocurrencies are written in C++, including bitcoin.

I hope staking rewards will work on XYM and give competitive rewards in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. XEM staking is mediocre, crap, doesn’t give any rewards.

If staking tokenomics gets fixed on XYM people will hodl XYM; otherwise, XYM will fail like XEM did in regards to staking rewards.

By the way, NEM wasn’t a clone of NXT, it was originally planned to be, but the decision was made to build it from the ground up as a new Blockchain.


And is still very attractive as a platform, but market mainly choose much worse solutions.

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Not enough marketing and hype like other Blockchains. But look at eos now for example, loads of hype, got into top 10, but now not so good. NEM always took ninja approach.