XEMPay - What do merchants need?

I was thinking about how we could get more merchants to accept XEM as payment.
Obviously the first step would be to provide an easy solution to do that. Right now there is no integration or anything.

So I was hoping we could brainstorm and find out what we need to build and then see here it goes.
To clarify: I’m talking mostly about online-shops here. I mean PayPal/BitPay style payments not POS or anything like that.

So the simplest solution i think would be to have:

  • A small webservice than merchants can host that has a few simple calls that does the order handling
  • Some js snippet that people can just put on their website that talks to the mentioned webservice

Anything else ?

What kind of calls would that webservice need ?

The foundation for the new light wallet is all JavaScript and is run as an html file.

The good news is that someday we should be able to make it super easy for businesses to add collecting xem to their website. Something literally as simple as “just paste in this code and your good to go”. But that won’t be for a while.

The reason is we need more devs to look into that and help build it.

The only person I know even playing with the idea is QM but he has a lot of projects right now.

So bake ally for a Bitpay/PayPal model
We don’t need the Bbitpay or Paypal as a centralized service to push this through. NEMs APIs are already there. The light wallet is already there. We just need some people to help us develop it further.

So we can have it be truly decentralized. No need for a Bitpay.

We can even have a NEM wallet extension for Chrome or Firefox where a person could set up their wallet and then when they go to a website that supports NEM light wallet they have one click pay. But all done right. All local. All encrypted.

Of course somebody could make a small webservice with the code and do it centralized too. I’m just saying we have the platform to do the same completely decentralized.

The idea of that small webservice wasn’t meant to be centralized. It’s a small thing running wherever by whomever - preferrably by the merchant - that makes it easier for the merchant. You know, have some calls that do the order handling and give feedback about the status.

If such things are integrated into the wallet “package” itself then architectural that’s prob be even more convenient so long as it stays that simple.

It seems XemPay dot com website is landing with sales pages. is anything wrong or XemPay discontinue business?

I dont know about xempay unfortunately

CycleBit has a Bitpay like widget which supports xem and will support xym post launch.

They also have physical terminals that accept “normal” payment cards as well as crypto. Their widget can remove all counterparty risk and deliver fiat to the merchant until they are comfortable holding crypto as well.

I think @leoinker has another one on the US nem merch store but forget the name, its processing xem as well

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XEM Pay’s github repository hasn’t been maintained for over 5 years. This thread is about that old, too.
Is there a specific goal you’re looking to achieve?

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