Xems is an anonymous social networking service that uses blockchain NEM for short messaging

Hi, everyone!
I’d like to introduce project
xems is an anonymous social networking service that uses blockchain NEM for short messaging.

The message is restricted to 1016 characters for (public posts) and 967 characters for (encrypted messages) between users characters.


  • Users will have absolute freedom of speech
  • The cost for posting a message in a public feed to be plays the role of a quality filter of information.
  • Contributors should be interested in receiving donation for published information.
    The opportunities
  • Encrypted messaging between users
  • Posting news in a user’s news feed.
  • Posting news in a public feed.
    The benefits
  • User registration does not request private information.
  • Registration information, messages, and posts, are stored in blockchain NEM (it’s impossible to modify or remove this information).
  • The encryption key is stored on the client side, only available for the client
  • The app works directly with NEM’s network API on the client side that eliminates the need for use server side(this architecture excludes the potential of in the blocking of app).
  • The app is developed by js, which allows it to be used locally and for it to be easily deploy on web-hosting.
  • The app does not provide the moderation of all messages. However It has a safeguard against spam in the public feed.

Anti-spam protection of public news feed

  • It’s governed by price of post in public feed, all funds received from publication will be stored in the xems’s “bank”.
    Periodically, A portion of the bank funds will be distributed between published posts in news feed over a certain period of time.(only Mainnet).

The plans for the future

  • Improve the quality of code.
  • Add the opportunity to searching by publication.
  • Add the opportunity to follow other users.
  • A mobile application.
  • A desktop application.
    I need your feedback!

Can we use xems.io like messengers in any programs?
For example if I need to send messages between members of a social media platform, can I use xems?

If I understood correctly you want to send message from xems to someone in another social platform. it’s imposible. (Xems has opportunity to messaging beetween users inside xems platform)

Not exactly,

Suppose that my social media platform is build on the XEM blockchain, can all the members of my platform use xems to send private messages between them?

Hi, I think if a social media platform uses “blockchain NEM” then more easily implement own messaging inside platform, use NEM-sdk or nemlibrary anyway I’m going to make xems library, you will can use it in your project.

Thanks again
I am not a dev and it is sometimes difficult for me to understand the basics for you.

You are welcome, how well I understand you, I’m not developer too. I had to explore “NEM platform”, javascript etc. I wasted about 4 months for developed this a modest project.

I don’t have your courage,
Maybe I can send you what I am up to?

Hos is it better compared to FB?