Xiangyu (Kevin) Li for Council Member


Dear NEM members and community,

Hello, everyone, I am Kevin Li from China and my Chinese name is Xiangyu Li.

Around the end of 2014, I touched NEM project and its community. The project has really decentralized concept and community has friendly & democraticculture, both really attract me. After learning about system architecture and core team of NEM, I believe NEM will have a great future. From then on, I decided to invest NEM. Then, as a very early contributor, I began to constantlycontribute to NEM, including translating English documents/papers/news/website/software into Chinese, managing NEM China QQ group, built NEM China organization with other core members, and so on. From 2017, I began to market NEM block-chain technology to public/enterprises and train new developers throughout China in full time situation.

As Co-founder of NEM China, I am running for Council Member of NEM Foundation.


I have graduated from the University of Manchester, UK and acquired the Master degree in Advanced Computer Science in 2008. During my study in UK, I had developed a simple decision support system based on evolutionary algorithms. After that, I worked at China Mobile then Huawei Technology. Both are Fortune Global 500 Companies in high-tech area. Basically, my professional area is to design IT solutions or products according to requirements of enterprises or public based on new IT technology including big data technology, AI technology, and so on.


As an early community contributor, I would like to run for council member role.

1、I have several supernodes for serving NEM network. As a long-term XEM holder, I really take care about the future of NEM development.

2、Knowledge and experience in developing IT solutions or products for 10+ years, have ability to help build the roadmap for NEM

3、Global background for 10+ year, I have got master degree in UK and ever worked in Huawei such great and international company.

4、Worked for NEM Foundation for more than 1 year as fulltime job and I have attend the 1stNEM Summit. I know most of members/employees of NEM Foundation by face to face and keep good relationship with them.

5、Marketing NEM solution for more than 1 year in China as NEM China Co-founder, have got resources to help NEM better development in China.

6、As an early community contributor, I really like NEM decentralized community culture and wish it more transparent and democratic

7、Experience to lead a global team to success in Fortune Global 500 Companies


For Enterprise:

1、Build a Global Business Development Policy and improve it continually. From my experience in China, basically, there are two categories of enterprise requirements:

○ 1stclass : Application for its public clients (like To C project)

○ 2ndclass : Application for enterprise itself, business management (like To B project)

2、For 1stclass enterprises, we may recommend the public blockchain solution based on the NEM public blockchain. This kind of project is similar to internet businesses, such as Twitter/Uber

3、For 2ndclass enterprises, we may recommend the private blockchain solution, such as Mijin. This kind of project is similar to traditional software businesses, such as wine and other luxury companies. We can check with Tech Bureau if they could let us help their business development, including sharing profit or other solutions

4、Organize meetings for C-level members of enterprise in the same industry. Firstly, we should clear which industry we should pay more attention to

5、Attend mainstream summits for business and technology, not only in the area of blockchain area but in technology in general

6、Collect business requirements and give suggestions to NEM core for the roadmap of NEM in the future

For Developers:

1、Build a more powerful community of developers in different languages. For instance, in China, there are many developers but no forum to communicate with each other. To build such community, I think we could learn from the experience of famous global communities in technology, such as Free-Code-Camp Community

2、After building a powerful developers community, we should lead them to contribute code to the NEM project, such as developing new plugin/SDK/Wallet for NEM, and encourage them to take part in the NEM project

3、Build training policy for developers from different countries, including versions of training material in different languages

4、Regularly organize hackathons in different countries, as well as global hackathons, to attract developers to join in developing on NEM platform

5、Organize a Global Developers Conference and print relevant papers to public

6、Organize events for young developers in universities regarding them as seed in the future

For Government:

1、Build good relationships with local governments, have positive attitude to take part in government projects, apply membership of local official association

2、Take part in building international standard with ISO, countries, and so on

For Academe:

1、Cooperate with local prominent academic institution or universities

2、Research on other notable blockchain technology to improve NEM features

3、Research on community governance theory, such as voting, for a more democratic NEM community

For Community/End-users

1、Build more transparent community governance policies to enhance the confidence of NEMbers

2、Disclose timely important events news for the public

3、Build good relationship with mainstream media and PR channels

4、Give rewards to NEMbers who organize NEM activities, such as meetups/NEM101

5、Improve voting policy for all members

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Thank you for your attention

Kind Regards

Xiangyu (Kevin ) Li

NEM China Co-founder


As a continuous follower of NEM, I have seen your efforts and contributions to the NEM community. From early documents translation to later building of NEM organizations in China with other members , you have put great enthusiasm and energy into NEM.
Your reading and working experience enable you to have a wider range of knowledge, solid professional, broader vision, and more acute market insight.
I hope u could succeed in running for the Council Member of NEM Foundation and realize your dream together with the other NEM communities.


excellent work !!
very good collaboration in all aspects


@XiXi111, appreciate for your comment. Definitely, I will make more contribution to NEM.
I believe NEM will become the top five blockchain technology again. Its depends on our effort.


@eddy, Thank you for your positive reply. Let’s do our best for NEM !