XYM account balance in blockchain explorer

I have searched my address of XYM of Bitrue by symbol blockchain explorer and found out that account balance doesn’t match between Bitrue account and blockchain explorer account balance.
For example, I have 100XYM in Bitrue account but account balance in blockchain explorer of this address is 10000XYM.

Is it normal that there is mismatch?
Or it should be equal?

I appreciate your advice.

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You can’t look at exchange addresses because they can hold multiple users coins on one account in the blockchain.

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry, my explanation was bad.
I copied my deposit address of XYM in my bitrue account, and pasted to search box of symbol blockchain explorer.
In this method, I can see the balance of my account, is it correct?

It depends how Bitrue implemented deposits. If they using memo then they using probably one address for multiple users and memo is needed to distinguish users.

Where can I purchase XEM and XYM? I tried changelly but it’s not accepting my cards…