XYM airdrop on Bitrue

Hi guys, new to this forum. Had my NEM coins on Bitrue, but the airdrop only gave me a third of the coins? I am aware it’s a 1-1 drop and have tried discussing with exchange, but they are not answering my requests. Anyone have any ideas what could have happened, or have had a similar experiences? Thanks, Wavey.

Same here, only received 33% of the tokens

Got a reply from Bitrue yesterday. Was told that they are on it and the tokens will be in our wallets later this week.

Long shot this, but worth a try if anyone can assist.
I was holding NEM on the Bitrue Exchange on the morning of the snap shot and to date I have not received any XYM. If you can take the time I would appreciate it and advise me of which course of action to follow.

I did trade my existing NEM for XRP at 4.39am UTC time 12 March 2021.
As said I would appreciate any and all assistance and ideas you can render me with this.
Thank you.

Good Morning Wavey1959.

If you are able to, can you send me the email address Bitrue emailed you from?
As I have not received any XYM from the snap shot and I would like to send Bitrue a email in relation to this. As I have not had any feedback from them at all

Thank you for taking the time.

Hi, I used the customer support address at the bottom of the site’s page, but it took 5 to 6 attempts to get an answer. I will send you the address, but I need to get on my computer. Hopefully by the end of this week it will get rectified, but it is a pain in the arse having to keep hassling them. At one point i considered a total withdrawal of funds.

Good evening Wavey1959

Thank you for the reply. I am not getting feedback from them and that’s the issue as you say keep at it then that is the root I will follow.

Albeit not the way it should be done but they have the power as always. If you can do when you got time send it to me I would appreciate it.

Thank you and have a great evening.

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