XYM Binance Trade

Hi , i recieve Airdrop on Binance but i cant trade and transfer XYM. Its any information about when it be work on binance?

No not yet, that’s in Binances control. Judging by them not allowing withdrawals yet, I would presume that they want to keep the airdropped XYM on their platform so that they can be traded when trading is activated.

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binance de sahip olduğumuz XYM ler alış satışa açılmazsa ne olacak.

Binance trading of XYM will be based upon their review. Coins/tokens are accepted or not, following their comprehensive listing review. This has not yet been completed (and they have informed me that they do not have a date yet) so XYM is not yet trading on Binance.
Personally I believe that XYM is one to keep hold of, as we can make a loose assumption that it could follow a similar path to XEM:
$200 of XEM purchased in 2015/2016 would have been worth over $2000000 at its peak price. I’d hate to miss out on this again

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Porque las xym que tengo en Binance suben de valor, mientras que en CMC está bajando ? Gracias

Los intercambios no están conectados a una fuente central de precios. El precio de XYM en el momento en que Binance acepta el comercio puede cambiar significativamente al precio antes de la cotización

Could be related to price delays, not all platforms have the exact same price, it averages out from all platforms the asset is listed on.

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