XYM deposit to Kucoin

HI, I sent XYM from gate.io to kucoin 45 mins ago and until now the coin not yet landed. Pls help to check with my TXID :



You are looking on the wrong explorer:


It sent but looks like you didn’t add the required message and so they won’t be able to match it to your account. I think that you will have to contact Kucoin support to sort it out.

I sent XYM to KuCoin from my XYM multisig address but it hasn’t arrived…
Now I am asking Kucoin but they have not replied. Plz help me.

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I checked deposits systems for all exchanges and nobody is supporting multisig deposits at this moment.
You have contact with KuCoin support to send it back. If there will be some problems please ping me.

Thanks, I contacted with KuCoin support last Friday but still waiting for their reply…