XYM Price anticipation

Inevitably many are eagerly anticipating XYM price at launch, so to avoid likely negativity let’s remind ourselves of the early days of some of today’s most popular.
A quick cash out of XYM is likely best avoided - remember that to gain traction a coin has to serve a purpose and do it well. This is something that we would all agree that XYM does, so price will increase in line with adoption in the absence of negative press.
The price at launch is likely to be low, but we expect significant growth in the months to follow. BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA etc etc all started at a few cents…


A positive start. XEM is likely to ride the crest of the XYM wave, with inclusion of XYM at main exchanges. This doesn’t reflect actual price as trading volume is minimal


if shitcoins like Lisk can be pumped now, there is time for XYM pump too, after initial dump by losers.

Don’t fret, because even if shit projects like Lisk pump, it’s easier for substance less projects to do pump and dumps, while NEM has to actually work for the price hikes, that’s a good thing IMO:

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