Zeus Crypto Zeus Crypto Beta Testing is Launched! Try it Today!

We are excited to announce that our Zeus Crypto beta version is available for testing! It enables you to swap between cryptocurrencies transparently and with no intermediaries.

As promised, we are giving early access to those who subscribed to be the first to try it out. It will be available to a limited number of users including you for the next few weeks to try it out.

Operations limit during the test mode is up to $50 equivalent with fees switched on, so that you would be able to check the full platform functionality, and let us know what’s working and what’s not.


We would love to thank you for your interest in testing our product and helping us improve it. We would be happy to know your feedback on the speed of transactions, on any mistakes you may find, on the transparency of all fees, and on general user experience and expectations.

Afterwards, we would offer zero Zeus commissions for 3 months for all beta-testers who were helping us with a feedback. You can send us feedback, questions and contact support via beta@zeus.exchange.