1000XYM give away for 1 harvester in 2021 Christmas!๐ŸŽ

Hi everyone,

Iโ€™m Universe20XX, running a Symbol node: xxx-welcome-to-a-powerful-node.com without 25% node share. This means each harvester will receive total about 167XYM per each harvest ( usually 123XYM per harvest ):sparkles: Instead Iโ€™m introducing monthly rental system to run this node.

I know itโ€™s still mid-summer, but Iโ€™d like to announce the XYM gift campaign for Christmas as thanks to my node contributors! :christmas_tree: :gift:
I would like to give away 1000XYM for 1 qualified harvester on my node on 25th of December 2021!

Qualifications are as below.

1.You are a XYM harvester on my node
2. You will have paid more than 4-month monthly fees in a row including from August to November 2021 based on your number of harvests. You can join the campaign from this month!

Unfortunately the following people are disqualified.to join this campaign.

1. You have a record of unpaid month(s) after joining my node.
2. Donโ€™t have enough XYM to harvest every month.

Those who have skipped monthly payment but want to join the campaign will be qualified if
unpaid monthly fees are sent to the following address with a message of campaign participation.


More information about my node follows in this thread!