0% node share. You'll receive whole123XYM + 44XYM = 167XYM per each Symbol harvest! ✨

Hi everyone,

I have just released my Symbol node without 25% node share. This means each harvester will receive total about 167XYM per each harvest :sparkles:

Instead of receiving node share, I’d like to introduce monthly rental system to run this node.

Here are the monthly voluntary rental fees to be a harvester on my node, which is based on the number of successful harvests per each month.

0 harvest: 0XYM
1-4 harvest: 25XYM
5-29 harvest: 100XYM
more than 30 harvest: 200XYM


There is no way of forcing you to pay this to my account, so I am 100% relying on your courtesy and goodwill.

Also I’m asking harvesters to follow my twitter account ( @Universe20XX ) to receive notifications for

  • Monthly payment follow up ( End of each month)
  • Monthly fee adjustment based on harvest difficulty
  • The number of available slots
  • Other updates and news

If you don’t have twitter account, please create one.

This will be an experimental study to see the quality of XYM holders. I will report how many harvesters have actually sent the rental fee for the benefit they gained. I will not ask any fee till the end of this month to ensure harvesters will get benefits :slightly_smiling_face:

My node url is xxx-welcome-to-a-powerful-node.com
This node is first come, first served!

Enjoy your harvest!

If you have an issue to switch node from one to another, please confirm if

  • You have latest Symbol wallet 1.0.3
  • Your importance score is other than 0%

then follow instruction from the link below


I’m connected now.

I confirmed that you are successfully connected to my node. Enjoy your harvest! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is my address

but i see after many hours activation is still in progress?

Hi Coltaine,

You may have same issue as gagamel1101 had.
Try below and let me know if this didn’t work!


  • You have latest Symbol Wallet 1.0.2
  • Your importance score is other than 0%

then follow the instructions from the link below.


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I have latest symbol wallet and importance is 0.000975% so enough.

I will try to unlink;)

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Uff and that works, harvesting active;)

Thank You

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Great! Welcome to my node! :blush:
If you have an account on Twitter, please follow me so that you can contact me when you have an issue. Cheers!

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merhaba düğümünüze katılmak istiyorum ama nasıl yapacağımı bilmiyorum yardımcı olurmusunuz

I can help you if you speak English. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to join the knot. What is the knot number?

I joined the knot. Can you control it?

my wallet number is NAPQNH2SVKAI452IDDDC57PNPJESGBABTAK7A3A can you confirm that I have joined

Hi Kemal,

I got notification. You are successfully connected to my node. :slightly_smiling_face:
Enjoy your harvest!


thank you

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My node seems working great!
All 182XYM is sent to each harvester based on recent successful harvest records! :blush:

Still 92 slots are available! :sun_with_face:

Please follow my twitter account @Universe20XX if you delegate to my node!
Feel free to ask me any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


it works like a charm :wink:

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Hi everyone,

In the next few days, there will be approx. 4% reduction of Symbol inflation reward. This is how the symbol ecosystem works regardless of my will. :slightly_smiling_face: This will be applied both node share and harvest reward.
After this adjustment, total gain on each harvest on my node will be total about
46XYM ( node share) + 128XYM ( harvest reward ) =174XYM.

Also I’d like to update the monthly fee. To be fair for those who join to my node in the middle of each month, I’d like to change the monthly rent depending on the number of successful harvests per month instead of the amount of XYM you hold.

0 harvest: 0XYM
1-4 harvest: 25XYM
5-29 harvest: 100XYM
more than 30 harvest: 200XYM

I think this is more thoughtful and fair for the new harvesters. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will update my thread accordingly after this post.

My node has been working well :sparkles: Currently still 85 slots are available!


For the harvesters on my node. I got some questions about the payment address and timing.
I will inform the payment address for monthly rent on this Twitter and Nem Forum at the end of this month and set about a week as payment period.

Till then relax and enjoy your harvest😊

Still 82 slots are available!

Hi , Į have iOS wallet with Xym .Į was try connect to different wallets for harvesting, būt always my status : yellow with name activiotion in progress.Į was Read on the internet:to make harvesting ,į need change my importation for not zero.How to change?I Can connect to you if you help my.