Harvesting status 'Failed' when switching to another node

Hi everyone,

Since I found some Symbol harvesters are having similar issues to switch a node form one to another, I’d like to share solutions I found on twitter. I tried this steps and could solve the issue.

When you switch a linked node to another node, harvest status doesn’t turn to green Active, but after showing ‘Activation in progress’, turns to Red ‘Failed’ even though there are a lot of vacancies in the node you newly selected.


  1. Stop harvesting and unlink a node.
    If this doesn’t work well, logout once and log in your wallet again.

  2. Go to grayed out ‘Key Links’ tab on the harvest section.
    Delete all the 3 linked address by pressing the trash bin icons on the right.
    Make sure that all address are removed.

  3. Logout and login your wallet again. Confirm the 3 key links are empty.

  4. Go to the harvest section and input a new node address and press ‘select custom node’ on the right.

  5. Press through ‘Link all keys’ and ’ Activate’ , by inputting your password. See if the status turns from Yellow ‘Activation in progress’ to Green ‘Active’ .

If you still have same issue after going through the steps above,

  1. Create a new wallet account
  2. Send your XYM to the new wallet and wait till Importance score update.
  3. Try to connect a new node.

If there are any better solutions, please write your comments. Thank you!