Account recovery Nano Wallet Mijn Net [SOLVED]

Alright so here’s the issue:

The old XEM Wallet crashes on opening it. No problem I just download the new Nano wallet.
I can’t import my old .wlt file due to an Malformed UTF8 error.

Now I have my PK and I know the wallet address.

Now when I Login in the new Nano Wallet, I can recover from PK. But! the address is different, it shows 0 XEM on it.
I think it’s because I’m still on “mijin” net and not on the MainNet but I can’t choose that option
as the wallet software says it’s disabled.

I think that address is on mijin because if I import my old .wlt file into the new wallet, I get
Undefined - mijin in the dropdown listed as option. If I try and enter my password there it says
"Unknown wallet encryption method"

Need some help here :slight_smile:

I don’t understand where Mijin comes in to play here. Your address is a Mainnet address:

What is the other address that you have?

The only way the Address will change, is if you are using a different private key than previously.

Wow thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate the help here.

I have a little notebook where I write down addresses and private keys.
I have the address ending on MFLO listed right below my private key.
However when I create a new wallet in the Nano Wallet app the address it

The reason I bring up mijin net is because if I try to import my old .wlt file
in the nano app, the dropdown immediately showed me
"Undefined (I guess this is my previous wallet name) - mijin"

I don’t get how this PK resolves to this new address

Does the Nano wallet need time to sync perhaps?

Besides a PK, I also have:

  • a nem folder in my root directory with three directories in it
    mon: containing log files
    ncc: containg wlt file + adb file + accounts_cache_mainnet.json, which also states the address ending in MFLO
    nis: with data and logs inside

I just can’t understand why that PK does not match the address ending in MFLO but suddenly translates to
NAAF2H53KXQKCTJ5QS4PK7KOYL7HLUPUYQFMSCE6. There’s no way I made a mistake in writing these
down if it resolves into a valid block address right

Maybe this thread can help you:

Maybe you have multiple addresses in this account.
You have an option in NanoWallet on top click “Accounts” and then you can switch address in case you have more.

The address generated from the secret key will always be the same address. In this case, the memo of the secret key may be wrong.

Also, NCC’s wlt file can not be read as is by NanoWallet.
NCC outputs json file for Lightwallet and loads it into NanoWallet.

Please refer to the following article for this procedure.

If there is no NCC environment already, you can download the final version of NCC.
The download destination is as follows.

Yesss! Did it by downloading the latest ncc and exporting.
Thx guys!!