Old NCC wlt restore methods


In order to complete this guide - Exporting wallet from NCC into NanoWallet
I have to have json file which I miss, I only have wlt adb old files and no NCC client for a long time.

Tried to run a new version of NCC (bob.nem.ninja/installer/nis-0.6.93.zip) but unfortunately unable to start ncc.bat as command window shuts down quickly.

So is there no more support for standalone clients to access wallet?

How can I access wallet in safest way right now?


The final released version of NCC is here.
Please install here and read the old file.



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thank you for your help

I did all steps till step 4
Im just curious about by not getting message like in this https://forum.nem.io/uploads/default/original/1X/35da3ff0d8f49e5c1bb3de2d458774759b6eb0d6.png

“a prompt to update the wallet from a json file to a wlt file”
after I click sign in without having put password then its show an upgrade warning. I put there password but get “wrong password” message.

I try same password that I used to “Export for Lightwallet” function in NCC but for some unknown reason it says wrong password. I had a try like 4-5 times and fail, but when I try to log in again to NCC client with the same pass it works just fine.

I will investigate a bit about this phenomenon.

If there is only one account you are about to migrate, there is a simpler migration method.

Display the secret key with NCC.

Select “Privete key wallet” from the “signup” menu of NanoWallet and enter necessary information.
As you enter here, “Wallet name” and “Password” are newly set so you do not have to do the same as before.

Thank you.

Is there an “export to lightwallet” and export to nanowallet" option in NCC?
Make sure you are choosing the nanowallet option.

I have 3 addresses(accounts?) in one wallet. So should I export the primary one only “Private key” in order to migrate?

Is it safe to continue to use NCC client only in future maybe? Instead of migrating to nano as its almost no use for me at this time.

there is no option of “export to nanowallet”

NCC is safe, but there is no support for it. So you will find many bugs, and no one is going to fix them.

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When I choose to log in NCC client I use in settings Host IP - one of https://nodeexplorer.com/ this list.
because not to run NIS and get sync

maybe that is the reason why I dont get a message for a prompt upgrade required as well wrong password issue?

If you cant log into your wallet on NCC and it warns you that you have supplied the wrong password
than it means that it can’t unlock your wallet file with the password you supplied.
This has nothing to the with the connection to the NIS server.

Your private key is stored on your computer in *.wlt file which is encrypted.
Unless you know the password you can’t open it.
Do you have your private key somewhere saved?

If you have private key then you can use NanoWallet.
If you can log in into NCC export your private key and save it somewhere in safe place.

You could still use NCC but you will be pay higher fees for doing transfers and also
there is no support for NCC any more so you never know after which NIS upgrade it will
stop working correctly.

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thanks for your help guys
the question is if I need to implement each address private key in m wallet in order to migrate to nano or just the primary one is enough

Well this i do not know.
You could try just with primary one.
But do not delete the NCC or the old wallet before you successfully import into NanoWallet all your addresses.

Also in NCC you could export the wallet with option “export for lightweight wallet” this should export all the addresses that you have there.
NanoWallet can import a wallet file if saved in this format.
I have done it using this option and it transfered all the addresses that i had created in the wallet
(except the ones in the address book).

Please try and let me know if it worked.

Yeah I did try to do the same but for some unknown reason I was unable to log in nanowallet with the same password that I successfully do log in NCC. Also the export to lightwallet feature(to get json file) worked just fine for me.
I have plenty of xem there that why I worry and dont wanna take a risk by experiments.

I put there same password that I use to log in into my NCC wallet as well same password that I used to export to lightwallet feature

but get this -

What do you think?

I cannot say, it could be a problem in NCC wallet export maybe. From here all I can say is that if password is 100% correct then the private key inside the wallet.json is corrupted.

The alert Password is not valid appears if app cannot decrypt the private key or if the private key decrypted does not match the address of the associated account in the wallet.


Does anyone get an answer about this problem?

Passwords specified in NCC only recognize the first 128 characters.
NanoWallet does not have that limit.
For the reasons above, when entering a password with NanoWallet, you can login by entering the first 128 characters of the password.


I am having the same problem as FLASH and have downloaded the new version of NCC but now I am having trouble getting NCC to run. It seems to try and run, but closes immediately after opening. Would appreciate any suggestions!

I think that the downloaded file is nis-0.6.93.tgz file name.
If it is the previous version, it is nis-ncc-0.6.91.tgz.

From the latest version, NCC has been discontinued. Please migrate to NanoWallet.

For information on how to migrate from NCC to NanoWallet, please click here.

If you do not have an older version of NCC, you can not migrate, so please download the old version from the following location.


For details on how to use NanoWallet please see here.