AMENDED Mobi Project Summary

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Apologies but I am not able to increase the resolution on the photos. I have however attached the link to our PDF version, which is more clearer to read.


Not on NEM but an NZ based case study that might be worth looking at if you haven’t already seen it would be Chariot


Hi Samantha,

Thanks for that!

Yes, we have been aware of Chariot for a little while now. They seem to be in their beta stage currently and are just looking to develop feedback for their app.

Definetly moving in a similar pattern as Mobi so will be keeping an eye on their growth.

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Thanks for your feedback Samantha! We have noticed a few competitors throughout the world however they are still in their early stages of development also. We are the only carpooling project on NEM and would like to fully utilise the power of blockchain to help propel Mobi as a leading player within the sector!

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We’re running our Meetup in Darwin, Australia soon! Anyone is more than welcome to come. We’ll keep details posted.


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I think this is a great project with real life purpose that can make an improvement in society.
Also trough your project and similar projects that have real life purpose
NEM technology can find real application into the real economy (business) which will
give XEM real value based on usage and features of the technology and not speculation.

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Thanks so much! If you have any questions please let us know and if you’d like to stay updated join our Telegram: @mobionnem

I just see Uber has touted “Uber Pool” on youtube.
Pretty much your idea.
From what I gather Uber has to be ultra aggressive to actually take on the taxi industry.
There is your competition now lads.

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Hi @xemnewbie,

Yes, we are definitely aware of Uberpools presence however we’ve made a few refinements to our app that we feel will gain us an advantage.

The key feature is our approach. We sign up large organisations to integrate a carpooling platform within their businesses so that colleagues can share a ride to work. This helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and congestion on roads, while also providing carpoolers with the ability to connect with colleagues as opposed to strangers. It is also seen as more of a social carpooling platform that promotes networking with colleagues.

We also have tailored features in the app to make it easier to use on a consistent basis for commuting, such as a weekly calendar to keep track of upcoming rides.

Not to mention our drivers are not using Mobi as a substitute for work but rather a way for them to offset costs for a ride they are taking anyway, so our pricing is generally lower than Uberpools.

We are going to keep working on ways we can gain a competitive but am open to any feedback or advice on the matter.

Thanks for the heads up!


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Hey Everyone,

This is a link to the Third Thursday July at the Darwin Innovation Hub! We will be giving a talk about NEM and the benefits it provides to innovation! Would love to see everyone who can come down and enjoy the night! :slight_smile:

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