Anton Bosenko for NEM Council

Greetings to the community.

Could not start this thread before, because was overloaded with the latest events:
Blockchain meetup at the National Bank of Ukraine:
Kiev Smart City Blockchain meetup:
NEM 101 Vinnytsia:
And also the upcoming first charitable project in Ukraine using the blockchain technology, which will be announced soon.

I prefer to act rather than talk and the decision to run for Council member was made by me immediately. The Foundation has a number of issues that require solving and working together, and the experience and expertise that I and my team have can help to deal with this.

I want to share with you one of the main point displayed in my Candidate’s Policy:

Our goal is:
NEM on the top 10 on Coinmarketcap in 2019 (This is a clear, easily measurable and effective goal, which includes a large number of efficiency factors)

How will we reach it?
There are three main directions:
1. Projects
All local teams should immediately concentrate their efforts to the greatest possible extent to attract REAL projects (businesses) that can provide at least 1000 transactions per day on the NEM public blockchain
2. Doesn’t matter
3. Doesn’t matter

Only projects on the public blockchain will ensure the sustained growth of NEM. Everything else is secondary. The logic is as follows: projects = transactions = commissions = demand for XEM = price increase = benefits for the whole ecosystem = new developers = new followers = marketing = great NEM.

It looks simple at first glance, but it is the most difficult task for now and we (I and my team) are ready to deal with it.

And another part from my Candidate Policy:

With the newly elected ExCo and Council members, I am ready to face challenges and to concentrate our efforts on the following:

  • the main task of creating a strategy and starting work on real projects (businesses) in the public NEM blockchain
  • we ought to review fund’s mission, targets, tasks and values; form further growth vector, define methods how to cover fund’s spendings, and how to become self-financed organization
  • doing the best that I can to improve communication between the Foundation and core developers in order to synchronize our efforts
  • answering the persistent question in the community, “When Catapult?” and to fully focus the Foundation’s efforts on its development
  • defining the key parameters and features of Catapult for a release on the mainnet, together with the community and local teams
  • clearly defining the rights, duties, and benefits of each Foundation member
  • reconsidering our bounty program, creating a new effective platform for distribution of the marketing budget
  • reforming our supernodes program and creating incentives for harvesters and node owners.

More detailed informantion about me, my team, our achievements you can read from here:

I will be glad to answer all questions concerning this Policy.
Thank you.


As you say it seems easy but it is not, it seems a good plan, but I simply see that it is based on marketing and business, what about the developments and his team to achieve that ?? Unify all the equipment in Europe? 'sorry no speak my english person I use the google translator. a greeting and luck

Hello Eddy. Very good question.
Here is already done activities in this field, indicated in my Policy:

Developers and system integrators:

Also we have signed a memorandum to implement NEM blockchain training course for the students of Information Technologies Faculty of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (

We permanently continue to train and advise developers who are interested in HEM technology or work in teams of various blockchain projects, all of which will ultimately turn out to involve as many technical specialists as possible in the NEM ecosystem.

“Unify all the equipment in Europe?”

We are ready to unify our efforts with EU, joint forces much more effective than separate actions, but we never received any task or directions of work from EU.

I think you have seen the message from Jaguar:

Only the EU region has been active in staffing it even though it is a global initiative. After nearly two years, the foundation has hired two NodeJS developers contributing to catapult-rest and one CPP developer. Outside of the EU region, no catapult support has been provided.

It remains a mystery to me why, at a time when developers need help, no one came to us. In Ukraine, there are enough of talented developers who love NEM, who support NEM and for whom it would be an honor to take part in the development of Catapult.

Thanks for u reply. Im very interested u program. Good luck. I trust u

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Hi Anton!

Thanks for posting. I wanted to ask specifically on using coinmarketcap as a measure: certainly, it’s an easy quantifier and it will make many people (myself included) very happy- but it isn’t necessarily a measure of value/ real use cases/ projects built in my opinion. The way I see it, prices as they stand now are 80% hype and the commanding position of ETH was really mostly propped up by ICO money which has now been cashed out. Then you have jokers like EOS where Whiteblock evaluated their consensus mechanism and concluded it does not exhibit Byzantine Fault Tolerance, i.e. consensus failure/ while it was also plagued with a voting scandal earlier this year- yet it still commands a No. 6 position.

So in my opinion coinmarketcap can only be 1 of several measures- and the foundation should keep track of viable projects of ours. Perhaps we could supplement coinmarketcap with other indicators like blockchain projects that make it to live product status/ have x no. of active user base/ transactions per day.

This is just an observation of mine having seen coins like EOS survive on hype despite massive technical and governance issues, wondering what you think?

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Hi okj. Got your point.

Yes, you are right, maybe coinmarketcap does not take into account all factors that reflect the success of the project, but during 5 years of coinmarketcap existence, it became an indicator of the success of projects in the blockchain world for tens of millions of users around the world Website Analysis Overview Report.30-Nov-2018.pdf (566.4 KB)

If, for example, we take Google data, we see that the search query “Top 10 cryptocurrencies” is much more popular than top 3, top 5, top 15 or even top 20, as well as the investment strategy in the TOP-10 coinmarketcap projects is among the most common investment strategies.

Therefore, I believe that NEM should take its deserved place among the top 10 blockchain projects, which will become possible as a result of the coordinated and effective work of the entire newly elected EXCo and Council.

Thanks Anton for the quick reply. I suppose I am just cautious about hyping up a product without the right foundations, but I do acknowledge that if we are talking objective measurable goals, coinmarketcap is probably the best we have. Best of luck in the elections Anton!

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Fantastic @Anton_B, simple, clear and to the point. Really impressed and what you have done in a such a short time and we do need a lot of support from the dev perspective.

Saw the update on this and it would be great to push NEM as a platform that supports charitable work as well.

Yes, more indicators help as well, have started a thread to discuss this - Election conversations: Key Metrics to Track & Measure

Keep it up Anton, cheering you on!

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Good time, community.
Wanna to share with you some NEM Ukraine accomplishments in November.