Anybody that wants to learn JavaScript -> Join our group ! :-)

A while ago I decided I wanted to learn JavaScript. Did some research ( a lot of resources are available to learn JavaScript). After trying some I came across and decided to proceed with this.

Then yesterday kodaxx mentioned on telegram that he was planning to learn JS and came up with the idea to start a group so we can encourage/ help eachother.

@mixmaster showed interest too :smile:

Our goal is to learn JS in the first place and if successful we’ll be able to do some good for NEM by helping out the devs. Doing this with a group can only make it more fun and hopefully we can encourage each other when someone gets stuck.

So if anyone else would like to join in leave a reply and we’ll see how this evolves.
The more the merrier I would say!


I can’t wait to get this off the ground! I’m progressing through FCC, and its fun

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Right, FCC has the right methodology to keep you motivated IMO. The difficulty builds up gradually so you don’t get bored nor discouraged.

So we had Fiazkou that showed interest too on telegram. Dunno if he’s on the forum…