Are there any future roadmaps for NEM mosaics?

I will talk about Japan.
I had been receive the same questions over and over again for mosaic things.
Is a mosaic of NEM attached with images? And Why is not a mosaic of NEM imaged?

In Japan, tokens (= mosaic) are almost all those who think that it is natural for images to be attached.

This is because CounterParty ( with XCP as the basic currency is so penetrated.
For use of CounterParty, the token issuer will pay with XCP, but general users will use BTC as a commission for receiving and sending tokens.

There are also things that can be freely painted on tokens, which is also a strong motivation to publish oneself.
In addition, a token holder can distribute BTC, other tokens etc proportional to the amount of possession of tokens to those who have their token.

There are also services ( where other services are also entering and secret articles can be read by holding a certain number of tokens issued using CounterParty There is.

This is one example of usage of the most successful token (= mosaic) at the moment.
The wallet application is also substantial, and it can be used merely as a BTC wallet.

The first stage is a coin-type token that has become popular, even until the real exchange. I also have over 100 kinds of tokens.

Recently it has become common to be sold as games, collections, idle cards of TV programs, and distributed. For example:

Furthermore, I drop tokens on the map and there are things like Pokemon GO.
The token is falling on the map of Tokyo central city. BTC can also be dropped.

How far is the official mosaic of NEM? Or 3rd-party will make it, I can not predict that around.
However, in Japan, because it is a function that is commonly used, I think whether it is easy to realize if it is NEM.


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In the current version, images cannot be associated with a mosaic. There will be changes in the catapult version of mosaics however. But there is no official announcement of changes yet, so you will have to wait.


Well, I guess it is not too difficult to code that for a specific mosaic, an image can be displayed. One just need to write the code as such.

I will be doing this as part of my project, where I will display a specific image if a certain mosaic is present in a specific account that you are viewing. But this is of course custom design and not a core feature of the actual NEM blockchain. But it is doable.


I felt positive opinions and various opinions, it was a very good thing. I think that there is an ideal form of implementation, so leave it to everyone in development.

Currently in Japan, we are stopping the service, but a while ago there was a mosaic service with images (test net).

Because there are explanations of English, I think that it is an easy-to-understand example.
In Japan, since the token economy is prosperous, the mosaic = picture has a coin and image are strong.
I expect it in the future.

Thank you very much.


I’m following this with great interest. I think the mosaics is one of the most important features. Will there be documentation on how to access these with the sdk? Is there documentation that already exists? The main one I saw was for the wallet, but a lot of what I’m looking to do is on the backend, similar to the example as mizunashi

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The attempt to attach images to the mosaic of NEM is the implementation of the individual who made the site completely. Therefore, outside this site, there is no wallet that can display images.
And there is no site which inputs your NEM address and images mosaic you have.

This site is a faucet of Test-net, but even in faucet of Main-net, we used to distribute Mosaic before. Both of them, on this site, there is an image in Mosaic.

When published in Japan, there was no problem, but the situation has changed since we released Main-net faucet at
In main-net faucet, only people who simply want XEM gathered, many opinions were received that “I do not need strange mosaic!” “This is not necessary”.
For this reason, neither main-net faucet nor test-net faucet seems to distribute mosaic now.

In Japan, the token economy has advanced further, issuing a new picture and issuing it as a token, one picture (one token) is exchanged in about $ 1 - 100.
I am on the verge of drawing professional paintings to begin fighting.
Sadly, it is not NEM’s platform.

There is no time to capture this with catapult on a swampstone? lol