At the end of August the Japanese NEM Forum will be closed [URGENT] [CLOSE]


To: moderators
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Japanese people have too many people who can not speak English.
Currently Japanese people were making technical questions and Information Warehouse at the mijin forum instead of using this forum.
This time, the mijin forum will be closed at the end of August.
Currently I am looking for a destination in the Japanese forum.

It is a proposal from me.
I would like to create a Japanese Forum like the Russian Forum/NEM Foundation Forum.

Not only topic management but also category management is required, so I would like to apply for a moderator.
What kind of procedure is necessary for this?


  1. Can I move the NEM forum in the mijin forum for Japanese people here?
  2. How can I apply for a moderator if I can move it?

Thank you for your consideration.


By the end of the forum, I am worried that technical know-how and support information can not be accumulated.

Since there is not much time to migrate, how about making a Japanese forum on NEM Foundation’s forum as mizunashi suggests?

I will cooperate if I can help with Japanese forum.


Was the Mijin forum closure announced a long time ago or is it a recent development?


It is recent.


I like idea to create similar forum like for Russian language. I would love see here more activate from japanese community. Maybe part which use english will participate in english topics as well.


I am fine with migrating the mijin forum over to here. I will wait to hear from more of the mods before we start the process though.


@saul Thank you.


There are many worthful answers to share. We need a alternative forum, then continue to stock knowledge about nem.


I have been a moderator of the Mijin forum since 2016.
Since Mijin is a commercial business, I felt it was necessary to have a Japanese forum separate from NEM.

The Mijin forum will be closed in August.
We need NEM official Japanese forum instead of Mijin.

Knowledge can not be accumulated in telegrams and Slacks. It is forgotten.
We need a NEW forum.


Is there a way to preserve the Japanese forum and then have it translated into English (a pain, I know), but the wider community doesn’t understand what’s happening in Japan and I’d love to share it with them.
An official forum for NEM Japan should be ok and there should be one for China/Korea too if the language issue is hindering people from sharing.


The spread of NEM in Japan is very fast.
Tracking all the information is difficult even for Japanese.


Is Mixi still big? Maybe a MIXI blog or invite all Japanese NEMbers to contribute a small write up on what they are doing to a new NEM Japan forum or page?
My reading has gone downhill from being in Thailand for 6 years but I’d be happy to help in any way I can.


Mixi is dead.hahaha
We are requesting a place. In this forum.


LOL I thought so but wasn’t sure. I signed up for an account in University.
Who needs to approve the space here? I don’t see why Japan couldn’t have one.
Good luck!


I worry about closing mijin forum in Japan too.
very important information were there.

https access, min fee calcuration, PoI protocol , multisig tx tips , and so on.


excuses the eventuel stupid question, but can not create a backup of the mijin forum? and a possible port in this forum?


Now, Im contacting with mijin forum admin to get logs.


I got mijin forum log data. I will plan to re-build the archives as static html and publish it.
It is hard to translate into English them, but I would like to translate and share particularly useful information.


On 30th, the Mijin Forum in Japan (including the NEM Forum) has disappeared.
It is necessary to restart Japanese NEM forum as soon as possible.


Who is the administrator of this forum?
Are Japanese wishes rejected?