Atraura Organisation Funding Proposal

                                     Atraura Funding proposal                                                                                                                                                           

The NEM community has been asked to consider funding from the NEM Community Fund Account to the Atraura Organisation for the sum of 15 million XEM. NEM Framework - Community Proposal

The following links show previous projects by Atraura…

Albert is one of the founders of this organisation and has been an enthusiastic supporter of NEM for several years now.
Their goal is to bootstrap an entire ecosystem that will profit from the framework to create many tools, services and therefore projects that will position NEM as a very simple blockchain to work with.
Please familiarise yourself with the Funding Process here
The 10-5-5 rule.
From the time that this proposal is submitted, there will be 10 days of discussion here… NEM Framework - Community Proposal and then two account numbers will be placed in the thread . One account will be for approval votes (yes) and the other for a refusal of funds (no)
From the time of account posting members will have 5 days to vote on whether this project should be given funding or not. The vote will consist of simply sending a short message to either of the NEM accounts and the importance of that account will be determined at the end of the voting period.
When the voting stops and if quorum is reached then applicants will have 5 days to submit addition details to the Core member team for approval. So it will be 20 days at most for the whole process but as little as 16 days if applicants are organised.
This thread is for discussion of funding process only. See… NEM Framework - Community Proposal for discussion on the project


This thread is for discussion of funding process only. See… for discussion on the project

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With all respect to Albert and Atraura Organization, I am totally and completely against funding any third party organizations from NEM funds. NEM funds should only get spent to expand the NEM dev team internally “NOT EXTERNALLY”. Any third party organization can create their own crowd funding away from NEM dev funds. Moreover, the requested 15 Million XEM seems too high compared to the proposed solution.


There are separate funds for NEM core development and NEM ecosystem development.

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It’s a lot of money. They shouldn’t get it all up front. Why not bargain for a better deal? Be careful with our XEM. It costed people like me real money.

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It would be helpful to see information on the following:
What is the total amount available in the Community Fund Account? (Does this 15m request represent a large or small percentage?)
What other projects have been funded from the Community Fund Account? Is this amount comparable to those, or is it much larger or smaller?
Are there other promising projects in development that may be competing for this funding? Or is this the only major project of its kind?
Have any of our possible business partners asked for these products/services? How likely is this project to increase business adoption of NEM?
Can anyone help provide this information to help us all make a more informed decision?


I also object to 15 million Xem. It is way too much and I don’t see a big benefit in Atraura for the Nem community. The fund should be spend to increase awareness of Nem and encourage more business worldwide to use Nem through suitable gateways/applications.

Edit: From Telegram (if you are the same person) I noticed that you are against spending Xem and encourages yourself and others to hoard them. It doesn’t come as a surprise for you to ask for 15 million Xem. I don’t think you need this much and I don’t know how well you will spend it on your project.

That’s exactly what that project is supposed to achieve.

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Hi Brian, you can find more information in this document and throughout the forum where you can find multiple other proposals like this one.

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Than it is not explained in layman’s terms. How will it benefit me? What can I do with it? Will it bring more businesses to Nem and how can they use it?

This is the first time I’m reading a funding proposal. From what I could gather, if what you have described is not already here or if catapult is not gonna implement these things, they need to be developed. Then the question becomes what are the specifics, milestones, funding goals, dev team etc. I’ve looked at the presentation and I think those are needed for mainstream adoption.
I’ve read the community fund dao
I have 2 questions
1- Will we at some point get the opinion of devs or are they gonna tell us their opinion at the 5th step of the voting process?
2- I think I get to vote with my minuscule importance at the 3rd step of the voting process but can someone tell me how to vote? I’ve searched the forum but only found the voting process implementation in 2015.

I think we need to work with companies like Atraura asap. We need to explore how to use the mosaic and we need dedicated teams to work on it.

HOWEVER, how to distribute the fund is a big question.

We can’t mine NEM like most of the other POW currencies. That means developers can’t get it cheap by just paying electricity bills.

But that doesn’t mean that the people discover NEM late are not capable to do something great for it…

They probably can do a great job, but just don’t have the incentive to work on it - merely because of their stakes are too small.

If you understand the benefits of this project, can you please explain me in detail?

yes, it would be nice if some of the lead devs could chime in and give their opinion.

For the voting, last time I remember voting on Apostille, they will give an address. And you send a short yes/no message to the address depending how you want to vote. Then POIs are added up to determine if it is approved or not …

This project will make NanoWallet easier to use.
It will also easy development of Nem based applications. So we will have more nem based projects, more adoption more users, higher market cap

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The dev team should have done this long time ago instead of wasting their time on catapult.

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Very interesting:
Someone wants to contact them and explain them this project and see if they can do it much cheaper?

I really cannot comment on this fascinating insight


@nembit86 Is it true that you were involved with cryptoapex and that you received 50 million Xem? What were the results from this project? We have not seen anything from this. Someone just mentioned it on Bitcointalk. Why are you proposing a new project while the other one hasn’t finished? And where did the 50 Million Xem go to? Can you show us where you spend it on?

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Actually, the only xem that crypto apex project received that I remember, was this one, this is half of milestone #2:

There was no payout for milestone #1, as we didn’t consider it fulfilled.

At that time, xem was ~350 sats, so that was barely 23btc, 450$ per btc gives us TREMENDOUS amount of $10k.
And they actually were hitting milestone 3, and things were looking pretty good.

The fact that @nembit86 is posting, doesn’t mean in any way he’s involved in the project. Funding proposals are usually sent by community members.

So to summarize: get your facts straight and stop trolling.