Best way to obtain 10k XEM for harvesting as a student


I am a student who would really like to harvest XEM because I see great potential in the technology and an amazing investment for the future but I cannot afford the almost AUD$3000 cost to purchase 10,000 XEM.

I have accumulated almost 1k XEM since the beginning of May (too bad I didn’t know about XEM earlier :sob:) this year, so I really only need about 9000 but that is still pretty expensive at around AUD$2500.

Are there any ways that I would be able to obtain this many XEM’s where I wouldn’t have to pay for them? (not stealing/scamming), I also have decent skills in web development, video/photo editing & creation as well as I.T in general, so I could potentially do something in exchange?



Edit: Added address

do i need do do the same. i accumulated 6111 and since you are student a share 100 with you give me adress. as a lil gift

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I feel your pain I also bought my first xem in may around should’ve bought way more back then.

I think there is a community sponsored faucet. I only heard about it. Mentioning it so you can looking up more info on it.

Oh yeah the faucet is here but it won’t get you to 10k anytime soon

Thank you, I am very grateful for your donation:

Haha thanks but I have already been using it for a while and got a few xem

donation is outT GL

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Thank you so much Stinghe_Dorian! , I am very appreciative of your kindness! :grinning:

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I completely agree… I’m also a student and I just want to get up to 10k to start harvesting (I have an i7 with 12gig ram… want to let it runnn) but i’m getting nowhere :frowning: ah well if there are any kind souls out there: NDAHPW-7HKJQ2-BOK65D-MHRMG7-E6CKRZ-AW4MQD-6FKK

A mi me interesa tener desarrollador en XEM…

Podriamos unirnos, yo me dedico a la comercializacion de soluciones digitales.


many want to do harvesting hmm

@Kyle_Todd Create content or web stuff that helps the community grow and leave a donate address. More impact from your contribution more people will donate. Develop something useful. Video content that is educational or promotional. Look through the forum at suggestions and issues people are ask to have resolved or can’t find answers to.


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I apologize that maybe it is not the place for this but I am very new and I am looking for where to buy xem I need few for tests