Building a permissioned or private blockchain with Catapult

Glad to see the updated version of Catapult!

I haven’t really looked into source codes before but trying to go through this time.
I am trying to understand the structure better to plan for the projects I am thinking of using Catapult.

Couple of questions came out to see what are options to build a permissioned or private blockchain with Catapult.

  1. Are we using Mijin to run a private blockchain and use Public to communicate with other private chains? (Is this the direction in general?)

  2. Are other projects using this way? Or adding own Network Identifier to run own NEM (public-ish) blockchain?

I will need to look into more in details but …

  1. Adding a new network identifier or renaming existing ones will create an independent NEM? Not linked to the main net? Will love to know how other projects are using own private chain.

  2. What are the general development direction of the NEM community? Or core developers?

Looking forward to learning more and growing together with the community!

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With the newest release of Catapult your private chain can do cross chain with any other Catapult chain with support in the SDK (currently being updated from changes in this release out yesterday). It also now in theory can do cross chain tx with Ethereum and Bitcoin although since it has been out only one day, no POC has been done yet.

If you are talking about being able to set a new base currency, then I can say this.
LuxTag has already launched a live private chain for a government agency. Had we been able to change the base currency at the time, we would have. In reality it doesn’t matter much though as it is a no-fee chain. I expect this change to cause more people to want to adopt Catapult now. This was a big release.

It will make a new network for sure if you change the base currency.

It seems like the basic core of Catapult is done and the devs now are really focusing in on adding plugins and making new contracts/features on Catapult.

Other orgs like the NEM Foundation will be working on rolling out SDKs, supporting materials, and then apps.

Private companies will mainly be focused on private chains for the short term and lots of devs that are interested in the public chain will now be thinking how to get their apps ready so on Catapult launch they are good to go.


If you don’t mind my asking, what are you planning on using this private chain for ?
I have yet to find a valid application of a private chain so I’m always interested to hear what people are using them for.

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What is the structure of LuxTag’s private chain? Which government agency if you don’t mind to share?

We have many projects considering its own private chain. NEM is one of the main candidates we always look at if it fits.

Easy ones will be like…

  1. Remittance Services or E-money
  2. Payment solutions in Smart City projects (IoT related mostly)
  3. Official Documents/Certificates Registry (Startup Company Shares and others)
  4. Regulatory Sandbox for Fintech Startups to build services using Blockchain

I am spending a lot of time on IoT these days and testing nodes on Raspberry Pi.
This is one of the good applications of the private chain I believe =)

Will love to know more about what others are doing too!

Very interesting, you should connect with @ReverseCold who is working on

Also @crackTheCode who contributed a few articles on IoT and NEM

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Definitely agree with IoT and Catapult! I personally believe that Catapult ‘hybrid’ chain model is one of the best cases for IoT (having a private chain for recording data, and a public one for verifying and transparency). I’m currently architecting a couple of solutions regarding IoT data and how it should be stored and verified on Catapult. Hit me up if you have any questions!

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Thanks @jason.lee

Ethyl looks quite interesting! Will take a look at it!!!

Totally agree with you @crackTheCode!!! Looking forward to learning a lot from you!!! =)

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This will something that will definitely be on the books for the new structure, exploring a ‘hybrid’ chain model. fyi @jabo38