Cannot open ios app


Hi, just downloaded mobile app for iphone today and transferred dome nem. Went to check status and cannot open app. Asked for password and on entering nothing happens, just password in red dots, nothing happens when press enter. Can anyone help??


Hi, It means you providing wrong password. I have Android and when I type wrong password dots are red and “Invalid password” message is displayed.
You need correct password to enter wallet. If you don’t remember it only way to open is restore from private key backup (if you have one).


Thanks for the reply, im 100% sure the password is correct. Should there be a wrong password prompt?? Ive read on this forum a couple of guys having the same issue, was a while ago


Sounds the same issue


Yes. If I recall was reported two or three times. Maybe you activated/deactivated touch or face I’d since last successful login?
Have you private key? It would be quicker way to get access to wallet.