Coinomi wallet for NEM

Hi does anybody use coinomi for NEM?

has coinomi nem as supported coin? has no NEM in Supported Assets list.

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Yes its a great option for cold storage.

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In the latest update (v1.12.0), NEM has been added to the Coinomi wallet :clap::clap::clap:


Good news!

Yeah, NEM is not supported, though it offers a wide range of currencies

XEM is supported…

You mean, NEM? I haven’t found it, maybe I haven’t looked properly

Yes I mean NEM and of course XEM also.

I see. That’s weird that I didn’t see it earlier, thank you!

OMG finally! :confetti_ball:

Has anyone used it regularly to make transactions for things? any comments on the user experience and interface elsewhere?

i just use the app in apknite to check and see the news and price. try to avoid transaction as much as i can. cannot trust phone.

great news!

Wow! Cool news!

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Has anyone used this wallet for transactions? Were there any problems?

It’s amazing. There are many NEM wallets available. There is also a lot of hardware wallets and a few of the supporting NEM as well.

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The best wallet for all is is the NEM NANO wallet. You can open with the browser offline,too. I think this wallet is the safest in the world. If you like multisig, you are the boss :wink: