Community Fund Proposal: CopyrightBank - A blockchain-powered copyright registration and verification for digital works

CopyrightBank is a NEM-powered copyright registration and verification platform with a robust business model targeting consumers, enterprises and governments.

This has been vetted and approved by NEM’s technical trainer as it uses key features on Apostille and NEM blockchain. Also, this is endorsed by Tony G who is involved with Bankera and Spectrocoin.

Please vote to support the development of CopyrightBank.

Please use the NanoWallet Poll Address: NDJCBNJGWSFYKEEKI5MX7Z3Q5KOIH2DTM5PKRC3Y

Thanks, NEM Community! :slight_smile:

Please Note: This proposal is not requesting funding for just an idea.

The founders have already spent US$50,000 for product architecture and design as well as website development to build the proof of concept.

NEM community members can try out the platform by participating in the beta at

Kindly note that all accounts created during the beta phase are for testing purposes only. All accounts and information contained therein will be deleted after the beta.


Our proposal is about solving the Copyright problem by utilising the NEM blockchain. With our Beta solution ( we have proven that the NEM blockchain is suitable and has all the functionality we require to complete the project.

We are seeking 2.5 million XEMs to complete the project and operate a standalone self-funded business by the end of 2018. Our credentials and past history as business people should give comfort to the community that we have the experience to deliver on this project. We have so far invested our own money and time to develop the Beta version successfully working with the ASTA team in Australia.

From our research, we strongly believe that this is a real-world use case and have in the pipeline potential leads who would consider using the solution for their business.

Our recommendation is that our proposal is supported by the community and that we are allowed to build a significant application using the NEM blockchain to showcase its strengths.


The NEM blockchain needs more real-world use cases to highlight its versatility as a business-focused smart asset platform.

CopyrightBank is a NEM-powered platform that can be launched quickly and be immediately accessible globally. The successful implementation and adoption of CopyrightBank will showcase how quickly applications can be built on the NEM blockchain. This will be a case study that can be used to further market NEM blockchain’s superior features.

On the frontend, this platform will accept XEMs as well as fiat currency. On the backend, every transaction will utilize XEMs. Therefore, not only will this platform contribute to increased demand for XEMs, it will also increase transactions on the NEM blockchain, thereby contributing value back to the NEM community.

Hence, the success of this project will contribute to the ROI of every NEM supporter because of the increased visibility of the NEM blockchain as a business-focused smart asset blockchain as well as growth in XEM value.

Furthermore, the code that runs CopyrightBank will be open sourced in order to contribute to the knowledge base on which more applications can be built on NEM.

Please support this proposal so that we can all benefit together as a community.


By its very nature, the copyright of digital works is the easiest to infringe. Generally, obtaining legal protection for these works can both be time-consuming and costly. In most countries, copyright claims are dependent on proof of authorship and ownership.

The majority of current blockchain-based copyright solutions offer basic timestamping services. Furthermore, the focus of the current offerings is on artistic works such as photographs, images and artwork. A robust solution is needed for ALL digital works such as:

The copyright creators targeted by CopyrightBank are:

  • Software Developers
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Entertainment and Music Industry
  • Education and Training industry
  • Advertising and PR industry
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists, Researchers and Inventors
  • R&D Departments
  • Professionals


CopyrightBank has the vision to be the one-stop copyright depository for all digital works. It is built on the Nem blockchain utilizing the Apostille function.

Phase 1
The first version of CopyrightBank has been built and can be accessed in the current beta phase ( CopyrightBank provides a copyright registration and verification platform.

Users can easily drag and drop their digital work onto the dashboard. Upon confirmation, the file will be timestamped on the NEM blockchain and the digitally-fingerprinted (hashed) file will be downloaded to the user’s browser. A certificate of registration is issued confirming the file’s timestamp and fingerprint.

This digitally-fingerprinted file can now be used to verify the authenticity of the registration. Users can easily drag and drop this digitally-fingerprinted file onto the dashboard for it to be verified. Once the file is verified, a certificate of verification is issued confirming the file’s authenticity.

As can be seen in the beta, these features have already been built and are fully-functioning. The community funding is now needed to complete the payment and transaction backend. The initial launch of the platform will exclusively utilize XEMs for the services in order to encourage increased demand for XEMs. Fiat currency will be phased in the next iteration.

Phase 2
A CopyrightBank mobile phone app will be developed for both the iOS and Android platform. The purpose of this app is to register the user’s works immediately after it is created, thereby providing virtually real-time timestamping and proof of existence registration.

Users will have the option to have Automatic or Manual registration and can choose which works they wish to register.

For example, if the user chooses automatic registration for photos, videos, audio recordings and documents, every time a photo is taken or a video or audio is recorded or a document is created, it will be registered on the blockchain by CopyrightBank.

If the user chooses manual registration, the user will be able to select the works from their galleries or file storage system to register as and when they wish to without needing to go to the CopyrightBank web platform.

Phase 3
The CopyrightBank web platform will be enhanced to fully utilize the smart asset features of the NEM blockchain. CopyrightBank’s vision is to turn digital copyright works into blockchain-powered dynamic smart assets. The following features are planned in the development framework:


The funding from this community proposal will make these features a reality.


CopyrightBank has 3 models to generate revenue as well as to increase the use of XEMs:

1. B to C (Customer)
CopyrightBank will be initially launched as a web-based platform that can be accessed on any browser globally. Users can easily create accounts to register, manage and verify their copyright works. Fees will be charged based on each service utilized.


In Phase 2, the CopyrightBank mobile phone app will be launched based on an affordable subscription model which will ensure wide adoption and acceptance by all copyright creators.

2. B to B (Business)
CopyrightBank will work with content-creating enterprises such as film studios, design houses and software developers to provide them with enterprise accounts where copyright works can be registered automatically in bulk.


CopyrightBank will also work with content distribution platforms such as stock photo/image sites, music distribution as well as video hosting platforms. CopyrightBank’s services will be provided on these platforms via an API as an additional paid service to its contributors.

Target customers:


3. B to G (Government)
CopyrightBank will work with governments who have national IP offices that need a robust online copyright registration/deposit system. CopyrightBank will white-label its solution for this purpose. As the solution is already built, these government platforms can be implemented with minimum time and cost.


Target customers:


Part of the funds received from this proposal will be used to provide bounties to community members who successfully introduce businesses or government bodies that will adopt CopyrightBank’s solutions.



David Oh

David Oh has more than 2 decades of experience as an Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer and subsequently as an IP and Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) consultant. He is a serial entrepreneur who is featured in the book, “Go For Broke – Tales of Technopreneurship” and is one of the founders of the fintech startup, Currenseek. He is currently a Blockchain Evangelist and the Global Blockchain Education Director for the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, Australia. David’s strong leadership skills combined with his experience in communication positions him to bring the best out of people.


Bill Angelidis

Bill Angelidis is a successful entrepreneur with strong business development skills in high-tech start-up businesses having set-up successful IT services company ASTA Solutions that he still manages. Bill’s specialist skills and interests are around assisting start-ups and not-for-profit organizations to develop and meet strategic objectives so that they can meet their long-term stakeholder goals. Bill enjoys nothing more than bringing people and opportunities together.


Jason Lee

Jason Lee comes in as a strategic advisor and is the Global Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances with the Foundation. Having a background in FinTech, banking, digital marketing and law, he founded the FinTech Association of Malaysia, co-founded several businesses and was once a banker and law lecturer after completing his law degree (focused on intellectual property, IT and media law) and masters of international business in Australia. He has also attended executive programs with Cambridge Judge Business School in strategic management.


CopyrightBank is asking for 2.5 million XEMs to be utilized as follows:

Milestone 1
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Complete CopyrightBank web platform proof of concept
  • Complete CopyrightBank beta testing phase
    • Successfully complete a transaction on testnet via the web platform
    • Develop press release for CopyrightBank supporting the NEM platform

Milestone 2
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Complete payment and transaction backend for the web platform
  • Complete security layering and hot/cold wallet protocol for the web platform
    • Successfully complete a transaction on mainnet via the web platform
  • Launch CopyrightBank web platform
    • Available for usage by clients
    • Secure customer usage on CopyrightBank (at least 100 client uploads)
    • Launch marketing campaign to attract customer usage on CopyrightBank via the NEM community. Marketing will be in the form of special lowered cost for early bird users
    • Post at least 3 blog posts on CopyrightBank’s progress and development on the NEM platform

Milestone 3
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Hire a COO/Business Development Manager to oversee the usage and growth of CopyrightBank
    • Develop operating manual and process flows in utilizing CopyrightBank
  • Launch marketing campaign including social media marketing to be present on major social media platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) with weekly updates including explainer video (2 - 5 minutes)
  • File trade mark applications for CopyrightBank in Australasia, Europe and North America

Milestone 4
20% (500k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Develop CopyrightBank mobile phone app on iOS and Android
  • Conduct mobile app beta testing phase
  • Launch CopyrightBank mobile phone app
    • Develop tutorial video for customer version
    • Post at least 3 blogpost on CopyrightBank’s progress and development on the NEM platform

Milestone 5
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Extend marketing campaign including creating content for LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels (to have at least a combination 10 high quality content pieces - articles, videos, postings, endorsements from clients and testimonials).
  • Provide bounties for the NEM community to obtain enterprise and government clients
    • Bounties to include successfully marketing, making connections and closing deals to relevant clients, providing education on the NEM blockchain in relation to CopyrightBank and other relevant bounties which will further the growth of usage of CopyrightBank.
    • At least 50,000 XEMs will be allocated to the community to support the business development and marketing for CopyrightBank

Milestone 6
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Hire 2 additional people to work on development and support (roles will be around project management and customer support/marketing/executive role or as relevant to the growth of CopyrightBank)
  • Integrate fiat payment gateway to the web platform to be available in at least 2 major currencies. Fiat payment gateway could come in the form of PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Cards

Milestone 7
20% (500k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Complete development and implementation of smart asset features. There will be a minimum of at least 3 smart asset features will tailored towards customers, enterprises and government.
  • Roll-out smart of asset features on CopyrightBank platform
  • Hire at least one person to be part of the Business Development team to close enterprise and government clients

Milestone 8
10% (250k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Increase the development and support team by at least 2 people
  • Continuous marketing campaigns
  • Establish an office in NEM blockchain centre in Kuala Lumpur to serve emerging markets (potential markets like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and the region)

Summary of how this Community Funding Proposal will positively benefit the NEM community and beyond:

  1. Code to be open sourced - the code that runs CopyrightBank will be open sourced in order to contribute to the knowledge base on which more applications can be built on NEM.
  2. Case study to showcase NEM blockchain’s superior features - the successful implementation and adoption of CopyrightBank will showcase how quickly applications can be built on the NEM blockchain.
  3. Marketing of NEM - CoprightBank’s success will be a NEM success as the core focus in developing CopyrightBank is in the utilisation of NEM Blockchain. If there were speaking engagement, CopyrightBank will directly attribute NEM as the blockchain technology behind this.
  4. Contribution to increased transactions of XEMs - On the frontend, this platform will accept XEMs as well as fiat currency. On the backend, every transaction will utilize XEMs. Therefore, not only will this platform contribute to increased demand for XEMs, it will also increase transactions on the NEM blockchain, thereby contributing value back to the NEM community.
  5. Increased visibility of the NEM blockchain - the success of this project will contribute to the return of investment of every NEM supporter through increased visibility as a business-focused smart asset blockchain as well as growth in XEM value.
  6. Unlock opportunities for further partnerships - part of the strategy is to work with governments, businesses and consumers which will provide them with exposure to the NEM blockchain. Our website will mention that we are building on the NEM blockchain and it will be noted on the relevant documentation.
  7. Support to other organisations who would like to develop on the NEM blockchain - the CopyrightBank team will be able to support the development work on the NEM blockchain to build the ecosystem together.


The NEM Technical Trainer, Wong Shin Tatt, flew to Australia to provide training to the core developers behind CopyrightBank. He guided them on the technical implementation of the NEM features. This is a quote from him from September 2017.

The team has been excellent in their approach in using NEM’s key features like namespaces, mosaics, multisig and Apostille to develop a working model on the NEM blockchain. They understand how the NEM architecture works and I am confident that they will be able to bring the project to the next level.

Nelson Valero, Council Member for Foundation was also present for the training. This is a quote from him from September 2017:

I am very impressed with the speed of execution from the CopyrightBank team in developing this project from proof of concept to a working model on testnet. This is more than a project, it has the potential to become a sustainable business model with far-reaching use cases. It is well-positioned to go international and scale very quickly due to the market-focused approach the team has taken.


I have met the team behind CopyrightBank and I am impressed with what they have accomplished so far. Currently, most projects in the blockchain space are still stuck at the ideation or development phase without a robust business model. CopyrightBank presents solid use cases as it solves problems for consumers, businesses and governments. I am certain that this business-centric approach will see this project succeed in increasing NEM blockchain adoption.


Tony Guoga

Tony Guoga, better known as TonyG, is the world-famous poker player who is also a Member of the EU Parliament. He is a serial entrepreneur active in the crypto and blockchain space and is known for his involvement with Spectrocoin and Bankera.

How to vote for the CopyrightBank proposal

  1. Download desktop Nanowallet at
  2. Log in to Nanowallet
  3. Click Services -> Voting -> See Polls -> “Community Fund Proposal: CopyrightBank”

I have met with Bill and his team from Asta and have been impressed with their operation.

As the inventor of the Apostille system on NEM, it is also really nice to see projects like this rolling out.

Jeff McDonald
VP of the NEM Foundation


Made a user and tested it… this seems like a skin for Apostille. What value dose this project add compared to Apostille?


Apostille is currently only accessible through the Nanowallet and is not specifically designed with a UI and UX for copyright registration and verification. CopyrightBank brings the functionality of Apostille to consumers, thus unlocking a key feature of the NEM blockchain for mass market use.

However, this is only phase 1 of what CopyrightBank will be providing. With the funding, the full-featured CopyrightBank platform will utilize the other features of the NEM blockchain to turn copyright works into smart assets.


Notes on voting at NanoWallet

Please use Version 1.4.10 or later for NanoWallet.

Voting method other than NanoWallet

If you are using the mobile wallet you can also just send zero xem and an yes or no message to following address.


No - NAS7DIYO4V6O4LFBSJ4IPY4DMXWQ6FMKYCYYMY4I with “no” as a message

Either one can vote.
Voting for both will be invalid.


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From one side - its really cool projects, which should cover lots of issues. Apostille should be more popular, usable for people, but apostille as module in nanowallet doesnt allow to do it, imho.

Another side - its just extended version of Apostille (mob app, UI/EX, some specific data).

Open question:

  1. Is Jeff ok with it? (that someone take his idea/product )

CopyrightBank its just specific case of LuxTag, imho. So 2 projects have the same goals, but different area of use(at the moment).



But the problem is a milestone priority.
I think milestone 4 is more priority.

I want to reverse 3 and 4.
I want mobile development to take precedence.

Mobile is the most important.


Community funds should only be tapped for things that may appear uncommercial but are still important to advance NEM. Once they’re spent they are not returning.

Something like this is a commercial proposition that’s a modest evolution of existing functionality. If it’s that compelling they can get backing elsewhere, not drain NEM of irreplaceable funds.

It’s NEM’s job to facilitate the creation of things like this by being a good platform, not pay for it.

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Yes, we have been working closely with Jeff and consulting him every step of the way. If you scroll up, you will see he is the first person to post a comment.

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What is up with diffrent wallet versions, why do they show opposite scorse?

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The specification of the Vote module is different between NanoWallet 1.4.3 and NanoWallet 1.4.10 or later.
In the next NanoWallet, the full version of the Vote module is installed.
So, at the time of voting, I designate the version of NanoWallet.


thx for info


Looks like a good project which will help promote NEM - Need to have lots of these to grow the ecosystem.

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There is nearly 300 mil XEM in the community fund waiting for projects like this.
I agree with you that in the future we might be more cost conscious about projects like this. But at this moment, I am 100% for it.
-Does it help market NEM?
-Does it help increase XEM daily volume and increase payments for harvesters?
-It the NEM team for it?
I believe, answer to all this questions is YES.


Good project!
Thank your for your hard work on CopyrightBank.

I tried beta version.
Is file related information already on nem blockchiain that I have registered via beta version?

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CopyrightBank aims at a different business segment than LuxTag - and it seems a good step to enhance NEM’s exposure as well as real-world adoption.
NEM can do so much, IMHO nowadays, talking about blockchain-powered projects, what we need is execution. With NEM tech, especially with the coming NEM 2.0 Catapult update, we have all the power in our hands. I hope CopyrightBank will execute well - and I plan to support the project with a positive vote.


Hi Kanna, the beta is currently running on testnet.


I’m a big believer in the Blockchain of Information. I have long believed that NEM could have a lot of difference Apostille like projects spin off from it. This is one of the reasons why the code is under MIT license. I support any honest individual trying to build on it to make a real project for real people.

We also have the newly released ioNEM for IOT and NEM that I would love to see somebody run with and NEMvemtory for SAAS and possibly supply chain management. And of course the Voting Center is now open too. And there is also Landstead for property titles and land management.

In the future, I will try to get projects built on those concepts built on NEM too.