Community Fund Proposal: CopyrightBank - A blockchain-powered copyright registration and verification for digital works



The idea seems to be really nice, although I think that gaining B2B clients will be crucial for success of the project. I hope that you will succeed as we all want NEM to evolve, so I keep my finger crossed! :wink:

Can you elaborate a little bit more about the technology stack behind the project? What languages/frameworks do you use? (besides NEM of course :wink: )

I have also question with regards to your financial contribution. You wrote, that you invested $50.000 in this project, however first milestone reward is 250.000 XEM, which is more less $50.000. From my understanding milestone 1 is almost ready, so it would mean that it will be paid off once community approves the funding. In that case your financial investment will be actually $0. Am I getting it correctly or am I missing something?



Technology Stack:
Backend API ----> Rails 5.1 API (Ruby)
Job Queues ----> Sidekiq (Ruby)
Frontend ----> AngularJS (Javascript)



Our understanding is that the Community Fund is issued on a reimbursement basis. It is not a fund to build something but is disbursed to cover expenses for a project based on completed milestones. This is why we have funded milestone 1 ourselves. The Community Fund will then reimburse us so that we can focus on completing milestone 2.


I made a video about this project with interview with David:


Thanks, now I get your point :wink:


This seems like a worthy project. I am willing to support. This is a great use case for NEM that can have great mass market appeal and adoption. Exposure this might generate could offset the cost with value added to the ecosystem. Seems like a no brainer to me.

If we can get this out and Catapult and get NEM into top 4 again i.e. double market cap we will have more XEM fiat equivalent to fund other projects. This is one of the better ideas I have heard so far.

Thank you guys for CopyrightBAnk work and fronting you money and work into this. You have my support :slight_smile:


What’s the result?


There are only users in Japan, but there is a service called OpenApostille for personal use.
Here, Apostille itself is done with NanoWallet. When uploading the completed Zip file it is registered to be registered.
I thought that there might be something to become a hint, so I will only introduce it.

Explanation site:

Thank you.


Hi all,

Thank you to those who voted, the final results are as below:

yes ( percentage: 92.95% votes: 427 score: 4.02978% )
no ( percentage: 7.05% votes: 26 score: 0.30573% )



Does this mean the proposal is passed?




Very good idea i think!
When you start you project?


Make sure you do not violate my copyright I made free for personal use but must be licensed for commercial use. I mentioned to Jeff that Apostille would violate my claim if not made free to the network. I do not mind a harvesting fee that benefits all by returning to harvesters. I am already battling Apple on this when they tried to put the code in their chip. My code is the basis of most of these copyright systems. Use an address or transaction along with hash codes to verify the document. It was developed for bitcoin where you use the address as the key and the OPRETURN holds the verified hash. The claims cover any crypto that builds a system based on what I call the intellectual property file encrypted and verified by a blockchain transaction. If this goes commercial, it better be licensed if it is for profit. I am about to release the commercial version that has had protection since the end of 2015. I also have a plan to expand the system to Apostille as long as it is free to the network. It is not only for copyright but the ability to do virtually any programming or DAO using the same process.


We are working hard on finishing Milestone 2 and will be launching soon. In the meantime, to stay updated on our progress, follow us on our social media channels.


Find out why we chose to build CopyrightBank on the NEM Blockchain.


We’re getting ready to launch!! Stay tuned!


We’re excited to annnounce that CopyrightBank is now officially launched!

As part of our launch, we are offering the NEM community a 50% discount with the promo code NEM50% for the next 3 weeks.

Help us spread the word!



Watch this interview for an update of the progress of CopyrightBank as well as what the future holds.



CopyrightBank provides an elegant solution to protecting copyright works!