Community Fund Proposal: CopyrightBank - A blockchain-powered copyright registration and verification for digital works


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Latest updates on CopyrightBank


We’re excited to announce our latest partnership!


Happy that this project was made as promised. Website and videos look great. Please consider adding XEM as payment method.



Thanks for your positive energy. Adding XEMs is on our roadmap. Right now, we are pushing hard to get the mobile app out. This will be a real game-changer!


Our dev team is working incredibly hard on completing our mobile Copyright Registration platform. Here’s a sneak preview of one of our wireframes.

Real-time automatic copyright registration. This will be a real game-changer.

Stay tuned!!


We are working very hard to see increased adoption of CopyrightBank as a great blockchain use case. We want the world to know about the NEM blockchain. We hope the community will continue to partner with us by telling everyone about CopyrightBank. Every new user and every registration benefits all of us.


CopyrightBank is on sale! Use the coupon code CYBER20 to get 20% discount. Coupon can only be used once.


This is big news David! Excited for the future!


I have a question for this project.
If a file without copyright is registered with a third party, how do you refuse registration?
Does not refuse registration and do you allow registration as it is?
This project do not investigate the authenticity of the file?


I am not sure I understand you correctly.

Are you asking what happens if someone makes a fraudulent registration?


Yes.What if I register a file created by another person?
(Sorry Poor My English)


No worries.

Intellectual Property rights are not absolute. They can be invalidated.

There are many cases of trade marks, patents etc that were registered and subsequently challenged and removed from the register.

The objective of CopyrightBank is to preserve evidence that can be used in a copyright claim. It provides what we refer to as Proof of Existence and Proof of Possession.

You can read more here:

However, if someone uses our platform fraudulently, it can be challenged in the appropriate forum in the relevant jurisdiction just like any other Intellectual Property right.


Copyrightbank visited the LuxTag office in KL! We are happy that you paid us a visit. Many greetings from Malaysia. :blush:


Very good discussions and sharing of knowledge. Looking forward to collaborating and making NEM great!