Community Fund Proposal: LuxTag - A holistic commercial application powered by NEM - Voting has ended -

LuxTag - NEM Community Funding Application July 2017

This project is being proposed to be funded with 2,4 Million XEM from the Community Fund, to pay developers, engineers and designers, as well as support with operational costs and other expenses which will arise in the next two years as LuxTag rolls out operations.

- Voting has started -

For details please see post nr. 3 of this topic

The amount has been updated according to this post:
Community Fund Proposal: LuxTag - A holistic commercial application powered by NEM - Voting has ended -

At this point LuxTag is a private company with a pending patent, already actively marketing both for itself and for NEM, namely “LuxTag powered by NEM blockchain” being included in all our marketing materials.

As now planned, with the start of this application the topic is open for discussion for a undefined number of days, after this stage a 5 days long voting period will start. – Update: Vote has started –

LuxTag aims to be the first project utilizing the NanoWallet own Voting Center module for its proposal.


We believe that traditional mainstream investors are hesitating to believe in the power of blockchain because of the lack of first mover commercial projects. This is especially pertinent to any blockchain that is not Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. We have a classic chicken and egg problem.

We want NEM and LuxTag to be that first mover, but investors want to see our or other NEM based companies working revenue streams before committing to writing their cheque. We are in a fight to stay relevant against many big names and up and coming blockchains. Time is crucial.

We are convinced the LuxTag project is bringing significant value and will bring even more to the NEM ecosystem by not only showcasing POCs or talking about dreams but having a real industry solution implemented. Thus, our work contributes to the ROI of every NEM investor (XEM holder) because the XEM token value is appreciating based on the value of the NEM blockchain technology project, it’s usefulness to the world, and its visibility in the media.

Please consider our application and let’s accelerate LuxTag powered by NEM together, and with your support and votes, we can ensure NEM continues its journey to become, be and stay a top choice blockchain solution for business applications.

Active Members: Active members are r3n3 (Rene), Higashi (Faeez), Jabo38 (Jeff), musdom (Adam) and brainofmasses (Julian), who have been involved in many NEM related projects & initiatives.


LuxTag wants to bring the world a meaningful non-fintech application which is based on NEM. We want to show how easy it is to build applications on the NEM blockchain, and to train more developers who can also do so. Currently, the market still lacks successful blockchain businesses which are generating revenue streams. LuxTag is aiming to be one of the earliest and most successful blockchain companies utilizing the NEM blockchain.

LuxTag aims to help manufacturers and brands to reduce their loss through counterfeiting and ways to recognise stolen goods. Additionally, it will help second-hand buyers of the product to find out more about the history of the items, therefore creating greater trust and greater value for the product. This would also allow manufacturers to keep track of their products on each distribution channel and beyond the point-of-sales, creating numerous opportunities for brand engagement of the manufacturers through our service.

Possible Use Cases of LuxTag

LuxTag uses a new and innovative system using blockchain addresses to represent real-life assets. Our patent-pending technology offers distinct advantages over similar competitors in the blockchain industry. LuxTag assets are fully brandable, transferable, updateable and can be conjointly owned by the manufacturers and users of the product.

  • Anti-Counterfeit: Proof of authenticity - brand protection
  • Anti-theft: Proof of ownership - ownership tagging
  • Big Data for Brands
  • Access to adoption use case data
  • Visualized full life cycle & history of items
  • Tracking system from factory to distributors and consumers
  • Protection for buyers in second-hand markets

What does the name “LuxTag” mean?

The word LuxTag consists of two parts. The first part is “Lux” which symbolizes “Luxury” and “Tag”, stands for tagging. LuxTag’s first use case will focus on luxury items, however, the term “Lux” in LuxTag reflects our service which enhances a brand’s value, as products that are on the NEM blockchain will be considered “premium” for the consumers. The range of LuxTag applications is of course inexhaustible and can be extended far beyond luxury goods.

The “LuxTagging” Process

Link to proof-of-concept:
Remark 1. Takes a certain time to load the JavaScript
Remark 2. LuxTag is much more than a Web App only. It’s a holistic system, where accessing the tokenized assets through a GUI is only a minor part. We will rather integrate into existing IT systems of manufacturers.
Remark 3. An existing NEM Testnet account is needed (otherwise sign up and get testnet XEM through a faucet/similar)

Identity Creation & Endorsement

Our LuxTag solution uses the blockchain, but the blockchain and the certificates on it are just a part of LuxTag. Our real product is to provide a service; we provide everlasting legacy of the brand of our clients and the products themselves.

Unlike most other proof-of-existence blockchain solutions, our solution is not a static one-time stamp, it is a dynamic and constantly updatable and live-product centered solution; as the product changes over time, so does the tag and so does the legacy.

We use namespaces to allow people to easily identify brands in the blockchain explorer and create their living history on that blockchain. We bring greater collaboration and credibility of businesses by allowing endorsement of government entities to the brands on the blockchain. And all of this is immutable and unhackable.

Creating LuxTag Accounts as Digital Certificates on the Blockchain

LuxTag’s unique and patented digital certificates are what separates our project from most other blockchain solutions. Manufacturers that create their product can use its unique identifier (ex: serial number) to create an account on the blockchain which represents the product.

This account is updatable, can receive messages and be conjointly-owned. This allows us to create a highly-tailored solution to our clients benefitting themselves as the manufacturers and their customers.

Transferring Digital Certificates

LuxTag digital certificates can be easily transferred on the blockchain which creates an immutable record of ownership transfer transactions of the product.

Customers owning the product can leave their legacy trail of owning the luxury product on the blockchain, leaving messages or memos, creating greater product value and loyalty.

Owners of the product can decide whether they want the product to be owned by multiple parties at their personal need and convenience. All these records of transactions will open a new door for big data to brand owners and manufacturers – because now they can finally visualize the secondary market movements of their products.

Adding New Information to the Digital Certificates

Our digital certificates have the capability to record all information of interest to potential owners throughout the lifetime of the product, easily accessible and nicely organized inside the digital certificate.

This creates greater value for the product especially in the secondary luxury product market where trust is a serious issue for pre-owned product buyers. Manufacturers, repair shops and agents can easily send messages and even certification assets to the digital certificate to update new information related to the item.

Confirming Authenticity of Products & Big Data

Potential buyers of “LuxTagged” products can easily verify the authenticity of the product on the blockchain. Even better, potential buyers can have access to the overall history of the product, from its manufacturer, to the repairs it underwent and even (encrypted, where applicable) information of previous owners.

This easily pushes counterfeit and stolen items from the mainstream secondary market as the illicit products would not have transferable certificates or digital certificates created by the correct manufacturer on the blockchain.

All these transactions and historical information of products gives new opportunities for manufacturers and insurers to analyze and monetize this extensively useful big data.

Additional Option 1:

(For additional changes in the future)

User experience of LuxTag for Manufacturers

Manufacturers will each have a known LuxTag account and namespace. Qualified employees will sign in to a customized web app. A unique identifier (UID) is permanently associated on the asset that is being tagged. Methods for tagging incluse either laser engraving the string, QR code or by an embedded RFID chip.

The asset creation page takes in an input string (typed or contactless input), as well as a drop-down option of product models. The app will generate a LuxTag account and broadcast it to the NEM blockchain in one simple click.

The manufacturer can perform post-sale research of LuxTag assets using a data visualization page in the app. Data on retail, used transfers, and repairs can be gathered as events on the NEM blockchain and compiled into a meaningful report and integrated into legacy business processes.

Additional Option 2:

Multi-channel Recovery

Tailored to the needs and convenience of our clients, we provide multi-channel recovery for the manufacturers’ customers who are using LuxTag. The backup and recovery service can be made agnostic and easily available even beyond the lifetime of the manufacturer or our company.

Additional Option 3:

Private Chain Use

With the growing popularity of permissioned chains and each company’s different needs, we will also consider the option of using Mijin chains for clients that might want higher transaction rates, more privacy, or another option not scaled well by a public chain.

In which case, regardless, we will still be using the NEM public chain to anchor the private chain data making sure that the private chain has the same level of immutability in showing its historical data as the public chain.

User experience of LuxTag for Users

Customers of our clients purchasing a LuxTag asset will each have a user-level account and app. The LuxTag asset notarization account will either be transferred to the user’s public address upon purchase at a retailer, or redeemed at the user’s convenience as part of a warranty registration.

A user with an existing LuxTag account will see a page containing all assets. Each asset can be transferred to another party or have its information updated.

In the case of a second or n-hand buyer, the asset’s authenticity can be verified in the app’s audit page simply by inputting brand, model and UID.

The LuxTag Team is asking for 2,4 Million XEM, according to the updated amount in view of the dropped price since before 3 weeks.

Milestone 1 - 20% (480,000 XEM) until August 2017:

  • (having achieved all what is done until the time of this application, plus the following)
  • Finish an improved LuxTag proof-of-concept, presentable to prospect clients
  • Post 5 new blog/article publications of LuxTag promoting NEM on the LuxTag website/blog (with link to NEM)
  • 1 LuxTag explainer video in animation style (mentioning NEM blockchain)
  • 1 LuxTag explainer video where we explain the workings and show our faces

Milestone 2 - 30% (720,000 XEM) until Q3/Q4 2017:

  • Contract with industry manufacturer for LuxTag pilot integration project
  • Press release for increased coverage and publicity about contracted project
  • Finalize a white label LuxTag webapp (will invite independent users from NEM community for Users Acceptance Testing; short “UAT”)
  • Post an additional 3 blog/article posts and/or videos of LuxTag which also promote NEM

Milestone 3 - 25% (600,000 XEM) Q4 2017/Q1 2018:

  • First pilot project after UAT is done (Integration with manufacturer)
  • Post an additional 3 blog/article posts and/or videos of LuxTag which also promote NEM
  • Finish white label LuxTag mobile app (Android & Apple)
  • Tutorial video for LuxTag users

Milestone 4 - 25% (600,000 XEM) Q2/Q3 2018 :

  • Have launched LuxTag with two clients utlilizing the NEM blockchain
  • External funding for LuxTag achieved, grant or investor
  • PCT and/or Malaysian and/or USA non-provisional patent granted

Timeline of LuxTag

Until 31 May 2017 the LuxTag founders had financed more than US $30k for:

  • Product design
  • Development
  • Marketing & sales
  • Travel expenses
  • Patent cost
  • Office admin (company setup, restructuring, compliance etc.)
  • Hirings and freelancers

Business and Marketing Leads

(not exhaustive list)

  • Jimmy Choo (MY, UK)
  • BMW (MY, DE)
  • LVMH (FR)
  • Gemilang Solutions (National archive) (MY)
  • POS Digicert (Digital signature and verification service) (MY)
  • Club21 (SG)
  • YPB Solutions (AU, TH)
  • Barsaris Luxury Watches (ES)
  • Hidden Tag (KR)
  • M-tag (KR)
  • And many more

Above and beyond the money paid out of pocket operating LuxTag, the team has spent more than 4000 man hours working for the project, hustling and bootstrapping it.

> Now, we intend to accelerate LuxTag’s growth by getting a NEM Community Fund support - which allows us to reduce the bootstrapping approach and take bigger steps at a time!

Further references

Website of Luxtag


Examples for public activities

  1. 14/05 University UUM Lecture about Blockchain, NEM, LuxTag
    Rene speaking to students and professors

  2. 19-20/05 Students’ Developer class with QM via Video- & Screenshare Call

  3. 23/05 Focus Exchange: Fintech Future, Talk in session with Reuben Tan about Blockchain, NEM, LuxTag
    Rene speaks on stage
    (for eventbrite: must click VIEW DETAILS at right side)

  4. 25/05 Malaysia-Spain Conference. Pitch of NEM & LuxTag to Spanish industry leaders

  5. 16/05 UniMAP Industry/Student Carreer fair, Perlis, Malaysia
    Rene organized participation of NEM&LUXTAG

  6. NEM and Mijin at Inside Fintech in Seoul 2016

  7. First NEM Students’ Developer Class - sponsored by LuxTag

  8. LuxTag enters Cyber Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) powered by Finnext Capital

  1. Eid Mubarak seasonal greetings from the LuxTag & Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator team!
  1. LuxTag also participated at the Startup Thailand event in Bangkok from 6-9 July 2017 with a dedicated booth, promoting NEM as well as LuxTag!

Jeff McDonald spoke exclusively on stage about LuxTag:

Article about the Startup Thailand on NemFlash:


  1. Dew News talking about LuxTag

Thanks to NEM and its great community. Together, we can achieve great things - Both for NEM (…XEM :wink:) and for LuxTag!

We urge you to give us honest feedback about our Community Funding Proposal.

If all is well in a few days, we would love to initiate the above mentioned community voting procedure and will give at least five days notice before voting. More info regarding that will follow soon.


Reserved For FAQ

Announcement of Voting

Today is the start of the historical vote in the Nanowallet utilizing the Voting Module for the first time. The vote on the LuxTag proposal starts now, the 26th of july 2017, at 16:00 UTC and will last for 5 days.

The LuxTag team is asking for 2,4 Million XEM to finance and expand its operations.

NanoWallet voting center

Please make sure that you have the newest version of the Nanowallet version 1.4.3, which is the first release to include the voting module on Mainnet.

Link to Newest Nanowallet version 1.4.3:

The vote will be counted in the weighted POI of your account.

The Poll account:

Getting started with voting

Start the newest NanoWallet version >1.4.3 and login to your account.

Click on Services and start the Voting module (“see polls”).

Watch out for the vote:

“Community Funding Proposal Vote for LuxTag - July 2017”

Alternative ways to vote

If you are still on NCC or using the mobile wallet you can also just send an empty message to one of the following accounts:



Thanks for your participation, your voice counts!


We have already received quite a few positive responses, and answered some questions in the NEM Telegram chat groups.

Any comments here in the forum are welcome, too!
Are there any particular suggestions or objections towards having NEM support us with the Community Fund Programme?

Rene, CEO & Founder, - powered by NEM

Love the concept and playing around with the PoC. Yes, enterprise is the way to go to break the deadlock of adoption. Do we have already some candidate companies for the pilot (due Q3/Q4 '17 I believe)?

I’m glad you shared all these detailed insights about your project.
Your objectives are very clear to me and are obviously driven by real enterprise use cases that you have knowledge in. You have clearly done your homework to capture the main points to address real customers problems and to propose disruptive solutions using the blockchain and nem platform with big added value in terms of performance and overall improvements.
I’m working my self in the product lifecycle management industry and all you are describing here ring many bells to me.
I’m really enthusiastic about your project and I will gladly help to spread the words and possibly give some feedback and of course help on the funding if I can.

I’ve been following this project since I learned about NEM a few months ago and I’m very impressed with the professionalism you’ve made every step of the way. It’s extremely easy to make an ICO these days for immediate funding but you’re choosing to go the traditional method. That in itself deserves praise. Furthermore, it looks like you have a working POC and reasonable roadmap.

I really like the idea and I feel it’s one of the better use cases for Blockchain apps right now. Fraud on Craigslist for concert tickets, luxury goods etc is huge and this should be a natural adoption for these corporation. I understand there’s still a long road ahead but I definitely support you guys.

Thanks for the thumbs up, Bart.
Yes we do. We are working on the user flow of their integration already :wink: It’s a luxury watchmaker company from Europe.
Integrating “LuxTag powered by NEM” into their brand gives them an extra boost of legacy of ownership for their customers.

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Wow so friendly words! Thanks, Aerin.
Other examples: at the moment we are looking at milk powder cans in China and securing genuinity of often-faked expensive beverages. Customers scanning cans’/bottles’ NFC/QR to identify the product history back to the producer, before purchase.

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Whoo hooo!
If you saw paths for business cooperation, too… Don’t hesitate to contact me via PM.

BTW, guys.

Next Events upcoming:

6-9 July Bangkok Exhibition/Fair
14 July Blockchain Evening Kuala Lumpur (tickets sold out)
15-16 July Startup Weekend
Should I drill some youngsters to build on NEM Blockchain…? :wink:

I have no objection.
I wish the project success.

Happening right now. Rene and Elmi discussing what they will present on. (Link above for the Startup Weekend)


Thanks @tongokongo for mentioning us in your NEM News :blush:


it is quite quiet here … no objections.
Does it mean everybody likes the proposal?
I personally do like the proposal and will vote yes.

I told what I think about this project in the video above :slight_smile: Yes!

Thanks @rajc !
Jeff is working hard on getting the NanoWallet voting module live. We want to be the first community funding proposal application which is voted on with the shiny new Voting Module of the NanoWallet.

True, gonna vote Yes

Is there an ETA on the voting module?

Voting module is on testnet. I am not sure when it will be on livenet.