Community Fund Proposal: LuxTag - A holistic commercial application powered by NEM - Voting has ended -

@jabo38 What do you think? We do traditional voting with asking people to send a message to either one of the “YES” or the “NO” NEM Address?
We shouldn’t wait too long anymore.
For LuxTag we already need to go accelerate the startup journey… Need to move on… No summer vacation :slight_smile:


Looks promising! I see many people having use in this. Looking forward to contributing For the support of NEM and Luxtag.

I would like to use the voting module. I have assurances we will have it live by the time to vote.

I have talked to the LuxTag team and I think Julian will announce a vote soon, but since the price of XEM has gone down so much since this proposal started, and we have a very expensive development bill coming up soon for outsourced development, it would really help us out to raise the original amount asked for up by 20% prior to voting. While we fully hope and expect the price of XEM to be much higher, in the long run, this extra bit would help cushion us for our short term immediate expenses. I will ask Julian to make the changes and restate the change in amounts.

Announcement of the Voting

For Details please see the forum post:

i will definitely vote yes :grinning:

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I fully support the use of the community fund for development of the xem blockchain and associated applications for users. Apologies if these are obvious questions to most but:

Is there a mission statement or written objective of the community fund?

What % is 2.4M xem of the current total community fund?

Its nice to see the development of business applications for xem.


Hello Steven,

first, thanks for your support.

The mission statement and overall procedures are outlined in the DAO Guideline document, which can be found here.

According to the richlist the Community Fund consists of 294,806,244.91 XEM.

Following this, the Proposal is asking for approximately 0,814094% of the fund.

as Brain was saying, less than 1%

Thank you Sergi for this blog post about the coming NanoWallet Voting Center

The NanoWallet update supporting the voting on the mainnet will be launched on 26/JULY/2017.

Voting details have been updated, the voting starts now!

Good luck and much fun to the community. Thanks for your participation. :wink:

More details in the third post of this thread:

Voted YES. Hope this gets funded, good luck.

Thanks for the steep start of the voting!
It looks like the Voting Results can be only viewed when you are connected to a strong NIS Node e.g. … Hope this workaround helps to solve the problem when you click on “results” and it keeps loading and loading :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is there a demo available anywhere?

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem

Here the live voting screenshot. I have configured Alice3 as the NanoWallet node.
The module programmer and NanoWallet programmer as well as core devs are aware of the “result fetching issue” and looking into it!

What is functionally different between this and Landstead? Obviously Landstead is property focused but it is in effect the same ultimate function which is blockchain notarisation. Why can’t that be forked or adapted?

Once community funds are spent they’re never coming back. I think at this stage of the game people are a bit too excited about any project regardless of viability or overlap.

I’m not saying this is a bad idea, but it would be good to see more hard questions.


Hi gentlemand,

I appreciate your critics, a skeptical community is very important to make it consistent.

As a company Landstead and LuxTag operate in completely different fields, with different clients and rules. A governmental institution, which Landstead is well suited for, has different requirements than for example the companies LuxTag is in negotiations with, following this the software result will be also different.

Also I guess you are aware that there is much more for a company to run properly like Accounting, Development, Marketing, Events and more. In conclusion, the Fund also helps to speed up development and awareness about the LuxTag company, which is advertising NEM wherever it can. Like most recently at Startup Thailand in Bangkok.

To summarize, in turn this will also bring more clients on the blockchain, meaning more transactions. Which will also reduce the supply, makes the Fund lasting longer and hopefully can finance many more projects in the future. So this is a bit of a chicken and egg problem eversince for Blockchain.

I hope I was able to answer your questions to your satisfaction. :slight_smile:

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First Day of Voting on the LuxTag Community Fund Proposal is over.

4 Days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results

Link to the Voting Details:

Your voice counts!

Second day of voting on the LuxTag Community Fund Proposal is over.

3 days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results

After second day