Community Fund Proposal: LuxTag - A holistic commercial application powered by NEM - Voting has ended -


Voted Yes.
Go LuxTag!


You guys got my vote.


Third day of voting on the LuxTag Community Fund Proposal is over.

2 days left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results

After third day


Fourth day of voting on the LuxTag Community Fund Proposal is over. The thresold of 3% POI has been reached.

1 day left until the end of the poll.

Intermediary results

After fourth day


Is there a sum of POI (weighted score) votes needed to gain community fund approval?


Is it the idea of the ballot creator? I think.
I do not know what percentage will be when people who currently have valid votes (number of addresses) vote.

Since the end is approaching, if there is a person who manages accounts that have importance with multiple addresses, we are calling on twitter to vote from each address.
(Because it may be that some people think that it is one person unexpectedly)


Historical voting on the LuxTag Community Fund Proposal has ended

Final results after POI:

yes - 3,7934% POI (393 Votes)

no - 0,03748% POI (2 Votes)

The community has acknowledged the proposal with a clear yes, next details to be announced.

We thank every member of the NEM community for his partcipation in this vote. :grinning:

After five days



The NEM community’s voting on the LuxTag project for the community fund had lasted for 5 days from July 26th, 2017 at 16:00 UTC.

With a lot of support of the community members, the LuxTag project won the vote and will now be granted the community fund, if the developers team approve. It is the 3rd successful proposal after CryptoApex and Apostille.

Thank you very much for your participation in the voting and support for the project.

For the details of the result of the voting, we are attaching a file.

Proof and calculations of the POI results


A second independent script is verifying our results from the vote.


Met with the lux tag team and impressed with what i saw. I wish the team good luck. It would be a Yes for me.


Thanks for coming over, @fakhrul !
Looking forward to working together, too :wink:


Press Release: Blockchain certification solution LuxTag raises $650k from NEM Startup Funding Programme

Article has been released to Econotimes over Pressat Press Service.


the payout for the first milestone has been granted. :grinning:

More developers, marketing and sales persons getting interviewed and hired.

Stay tuned for more action. :sunglasses:


Malaysian Newspaper 18 Dec 2017 :+1:



I would like to ask which of the milestones (which of the points) have already been implemented?
Is the updates published elsewhere? Where should I search?
Are you planning to verify the value of amounts in unpaid milestones due to the several times the price of XEM increase?


just wanted to ping these guys for you. I am interested in the progress as well.
@r3n3 @Brainofmasses


Hello pawelm,

first of all I apologize for the late reply.

To answer your questions, updates can be found here.

There are currently no plans to adjust the unpaid milestones duo to the volatility in crypto valuations.

Milestone one has been implemented and we are working towards fulfilling Milestone #2 which is getting closer to its approval

Additionally I will try to get my hands on extra information, but I need to discuss with LuxTag core first.


Details for current progress with Milestone #2.

1) Contract with industry manufacturer for LuxTag pilot integration project

Done, we have a contract with Defeet. Now coordinating with them on the press release.

2) Press release for increased coverage and publicity about contracted project

Coordinating with Defeet on this. 1 press release to be done by Defeet in North America, LuxTag to do another in Asia Pacific. Still coordinating on that.

3) Finalize a white label LuxTag webapp (will invite independent users from NEM community for Users Acceptance Testing; short “UAT”)

We are providing two webapps. (1) User app, (2) Merchant app. The apps are conducting final review internally. Will be ready for UAT announcements in the coming weeks.

4) Post an additional 3 blog/article posts and/or videos of LuxTag which also promote NEM

We already have this.


Thank you @Brainofmasses for update :slight_smile:


LuxTag Transparency Update #2

As I promised I got my hands on more information to show more transparency in the progress of LuxTag. I also would like it to serve as a good example for other future projects, which are asking for the communities help.

Included are interesting information like staff development, clients and expenses. We will keep you up to the date on the companies progress. :slightly_smiling_face:

LuxTagFinance_Overview.pdf (393.2 KB)