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We want to inform the community that LuxTag is making good progress in reaching new markets.
LuxTag is excited to be more and more adopted in real world business.
See below for the press release with the US Bicycle racing apparel producer Defeet and additionally, an link to an article about LuxTag revolutionizing the malaysian education sector. :grinning:

1. USA
2. Asia
3. nemflash link
4. LuxTag revolutionizing the Malaysian education sector



I have one question,
Do you ARM tokens,
I t seems that they are also designing the same kind of tag.


Thanks @mfederifor pointing out.

Armpack is one of many fundraising projects which requires a valid usecase in order to convince people to send them (crypto-)money against a token with usually questionable meaning.
The top section of their homepage shows “ARMPACK ICO - First decentralized eco-system created to protect against counterfeiting and to communications B-to-C”.
Let gullible investors send them money first - that seems to be their main business focus at the moment.

LuxTag’s approach is different. We are not focussing on fundraising from the public (on a sidenote, which we don’t have any license for neither) but on delivering and implementing.
Time will show whether we’re on the right track :wink:


Yes but I am just a light truck driver, I am not sure as how I could help, but ill pm you some time maybe you can give me a few pointers, other than that I do not buy a lot of stuff these days.
It would depend on what markets you are focusing on.


hello luxtag-team,

how can i invest in ur product?


kauf nem :smiley:


Hello Grinsekatz,
you can contact me via PM and apply to invest as an individual into our project. Else, follow the advice of @Stinghe_Dorian to support NEM and the NEM-based projects as a whole.


Interview with @r3n3 available underneath :slight_smile: Have a good time watching it!




Hello NEMbers!

LuxTag will be present at the Consensus in New York, which will take place from 14th to 16th of may. The event is located at The New York Hilton Midtown.

If you are around come and visit us at our booth! :wink:


Hello everybody,

please tune into to stay up-to-date with the recent developments around LuxTag powered by NEM.

Additionally, today we tweeted this one:

To those celebrating these days, I wish a peaceful Eid 2018 with your loved ones. :santa:



Hello! I am very interested in your project but I can’t find information about some details) I hope that you can help me.

If I am not mistaken Luxtag solution is somehow based on NEM Apostille.
Apostille account need XEM to pay fees for updating and transferring, so does a customer need to buy XEM to use your solution? Or these fees are prepaid by a consumer/brand? How does this work? Especially as far as cryptocurrency are not legal in all jurisdictions what does an end customer need to verify a product, transfer ownership and so on?

It is said that brands have to pay Luxtag once for the integration process and after that Luxtag offers support and maintenance services. So do the brands always needs that support or after successful integration they may become independent? And as well as customers do the brands need XEM or this works somehow differently? For example, to register a namespace for a brand you need to pay some fee per year.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Alena - and thanks for your interest. Be sure to check out our website and the links to the Blog and the Youtube at the bottom of the website to learn more about LuxTag.
I’ll answer some points here now, though.

Apostille is a very basic version of assigning accounts e.g. to digital files. The LuxTag project goes further. We have a system in place to automatically fund accounts of customers so they can transfer assets. And for the NEM 2.0 (Catapult) version we have a function in place where another “fee account” pays for fees. Additionally, when in the private chain realm - we don’t need to worry about direct fees. We only incur chain-anchoring fees whenever we create the chain hooks.
Obviously, we don’t ask end consumers to “buy XEM first, before they engage with LuxTagged products” :slight_smile:

We offer architecture design and implementation of our product. And actually, 60% of the LuxTag solution is the implementation of business processes at the brand level and creation of data-points via scanners and IOT devices. So that’s a significant part of our business. We’re for profit - but we give clients the option to maintain and service everything by themselves. We teach and train them in using the system and updating / amending when needed.
Most corporations want a Service Level Agreement and us to do full-service though.
Things like Namespace registration is handled by us - and the fees for that are absorbed in our sales price. But - of course, if customers move to self-managing, they will need to renew then by themselves.

May I ask what implementation you would have in mind?
Are you working on anything particular?



Thank you a lot for your detailed answer, it explained a lot to me)

I am just very interested in blockchain technology, especially in the projects like yours as it tries to solve real problems. Unfortunately most of the projects are just trying to make hype and collect investments, though it is quite predictable as far as blockchain industry is comparatively young)

And also we have started thinking over a counterfeit solution that’s why I am interested in your project.


LuxTag powered by NEM was featured this week in “The Star”, the leading newspaper in Malaysia! … :tada::tada:

Follow us on

to keep up to date, and visit

to learn more about us :slight_smile:


I downloaded the app, though I have not used it.
I am unsure if people really know what this is yet and how it would differ from copyright bank.
Say copyright bank deals with electronic media only and Luxtag deals with luxury goods only.
Are theses platforms going to expand into grass roots copyright/counterfeit?
Say for example some people who might have made a product in their garage at home?

Also have copyright Bank and Luxtag thought about, well not joining forces but accommodating the usefulness of each project into say a platform that copyrights a product then of course follows it through its entire life cycle, then even accommodating payment for use of the idea/product/work going straight to the creator instantly over the blockchain?


Hi xemnewbie

Apologies for the late reply. We probably missed your posts.

For us at LuxTag we are actually expanding to multiple verticals of industry, luxury being one of them. Some of the other verticals are art, documents (degree certs), pharmaceuticals and apparels. In this regard, counterfeit is one of the problem we are trying to solve.

We actually have plans to open access LuxTag for personal and limited commercial use. The plan is to allow freemium use (free, enterprise and customized tier). With this people can tag their products on the NEM blockchain for free.

So far we have no exact discussion with Copyrightbank for collaboration but this is definitely something we are keen to look for in the future. But for now, our focus is in deploying the best product and service.


I see VeChain has a lot of similar projects, one project indeed focuses on luxury goods.
As a matter of fact a lot of Vechain stuff appears to be in the niche.
Can you compete with VeChain? and how?


Hello Dan, i read your question and just registered in the forum so i can answer you.

I’m Pablo Guerra, business developer director at Luxtag. I will try to answer you with the best information possible and trying not to sound too biased :wink:

In Luxtag we aim to protect the authenticity of the items and track their history using a blockchain powered solution. Our focus, what we are talking everyday at the office, in our chat, in our events and boards, is always the product, the manufacturer, the item, the client, the distributor. We truly believe on bringing the great flexibility of NEM into everyday lives, and protect the history of the most special items that you can own.

We understand this idea of “putting certificates in the blockchain” is not original or unique. Several projects have born in the last two years, like this Vechain or Waltonchain, for example. I’m not an expert on those projects, as my lifetime background is in collectibles, luxury items and authentication, but two things that made me choose Luxtag (amongst many others, they are the best people around!) were this:

1- Vechain and Waltonchain focus.- They focus on crappy tokens! When you read about them, or check their website, medium, reddit, etc etc. there is an spam of ICO announcements, propietary blockchains, mining, splits, incentive schemes, Proof-Of-Whatever, Exchange Listings…Price here, price there, billions of tokens released, premines … It feels like the utility of their project is just an excuse to raise some Millions USD. Do you think that Art dealers, watch collectors, warehouse operators, luxury retailers will install a waltonchain wallet? will buy VeChainTokens on Coinbase? All to sell a bottle of wine? Thats not going to happen.

2- Their technology .- One of the things i’m more proud of NEM is the flawless record of never been hacked. There is a really small club out there, and we share table with Bitcoin. I know the NEM ecosystem, and their goals and how they are moving forward in a responsible, professional way. I know the basic NEM properties, and i’ve been unable to find them in other blockchain. Hundreds of nodes around the world protect our data. When i look to those newly created blockchains, one started as a crappy ERC20 token, then ported (again with a token scheme, always centered in the economics!), with (schemes again) a complex Masternode-multilevel system validators, with made-up new (and untested!) Proof-Of-I-Don’t-Know algorythms for validation… Eww. No thanks.

So, this was basically the long answer, sorry for the brick :wink:

The TDLR to your question is: Of course we can, can they compete with this NEM powered company? Because we are already delivering, and this is just the beginning!



Thanks for the response.
very informative, I feel LuxTag has a positive future.