Crypto-Dragons on NEM

Wouldn’t that be something for the Hackathon?


This is a really neat idea !

People will mind that breeding is centralized though. That’s what’s so neat about crypto kitties, nobody controls any part of the breeding process.
I do like the idea of attributes being represented by mosaics though. Especially the thing with some being transferable and represent potions to customize dragons is very cool.

Here’s an idea on how to maybe decentralize breeding.
What if the breeding process took into account the hashes of blocks ?

For initial creation of “generation 0 dragons”:
Attributes are just represented by numbers right ? So let’s split the hash into say 5 parts, convert those parts into integers and then use those for the next mosaics issued for the new dragon. That way it’ll still run on one cental server but anyone could host such a server and everyone can verify that the process is deterministic and without monkey business. Now two server may not have the same block as last block but I don’t think that’s an issue. It’s supposed to be random anyways.

You do that for the last like 100 blocks and you got 100 gen 0 dragons that you can then breed which is a different matter.

Just a quick thought…

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interesting concept using hash to generate the kids. but doesnt it mean the parent have nothing inherited to their child? it just random number. when dragon x, fire element mating with dragon y, fire element, we must control the child must be fire element.

hmmm maybe make some breeding rule, than use hash to generate success percentage. if success give good stat, vice versa

ops sorry i dont see the title: generation 0 dragons :sweat_smile:

great idea! :slight_smile:

I like the idea, but if it’s too complicated I’ll happy to at least have something like this
Just create the image with the sha256 and create an ownership.
The thing here they are using metamask, so the website change if you have the chrome extension. In nem there is no chrome extension yet…

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Why Dragons? … Why not NEM Ninjas?

But in any case would be nice to demonstrate a dap on Nem that doesn’t crash the network like Kitties did on Eth.

cuz Dragons are cool :wink:

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Wrong, dragons are hot :fire:

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I’m a javascript developer with a little bit of graphics skill and an interest in generative design. No blockchain experience yet though. I’d be down to help work on this however I can, as I would really like to learn more about blockchain development and supporting more interest in XEM. I had been thinking about tradeable card game mechanics or something based on cryptokitties but with robots… Dragons sound cooler though.

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Random game thoughts that may not be possible: What if the dragons could age somehow? Maybe breeding gives a small chance to increase age level (baby, adult, old, etc).

Maybe it is like the potion thing to level them up or something.

Is there any way you could make 2 dragons fight and have an outcome that affected them? Risk your dragon or an ante or something. I also like the idea of a name lineage of some kind… strong bloodlines and whatnot.

RE: Graphics, I agree that cute is probably the best way to mass appeal… but I also like the idea of having cute baby dragons that eventually become really big bad ass dragons (kind of like Pokemon evolutions). How many graphics slots should there be? Body, Wings, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Ears, Tail, Claws, Accessories?


Could you contact “Bam O.” on telegram/NEMred - if you are interested and have time the next 1-2 month(s)

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I’d also like to throw my hat in the ring. I’m an indie game dev, with a few years xp in the field. I specialize in graphics and I’d like to help in the development if it’s still on.
Also I can provide credentials if needed.

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An idea that might spice things up a little:
Maybe the dragons could be of different breeds, like fire dragons, ice dragons, magic dragons, diamond dragons, and so on. Some breeds, like fire and ice could be offered as standard, and some breeds could only be discovered through breeding.

For instance, by breeding a fire dragon and an ice dragon, maybe a water dragon could be born (more valuable than fire or ice).
That would open the door for some interesting and rare breeds that the user would have to discover on it’s own. Maybe some rare golden furry dragon that can only be obtained through 5-10 generations? And that would be on top of the physical attributes that come from breeding.

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Regarding graphics, cuteness sells best. Seeing as NEM is most popular in asian countries, similar elements to Pokemon and Digimon could be succesful. If we add a little DoTA and LoL in the mix to add a little western appeal, we could be on to something.

Also, adding to my post above regarding the elements (fire, ice, gold and so on), those could be represented like a trading card outline, with the element in the corner. I’ll try to make a schetch tomorrow if I have the time.

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Good point Stefan!

Could you contact @Bam1133 on telegram, he is organizing.

I think we are still a little weak on the graphic-side and this is very important as you pointed out.

Hi guys! Have you already started the development?

Hey there yes the team is active :slight_smile: Do you wish to join us ?

I would like to try.
Does the team participate in the official hackathon?
At what stage is the project?
With the setting determined …dragins?
Mechanics of the game?

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