Development Project Bountie request: NEM/BTC/ETH exchange

Hi all,

I"m building small exchange for nem/XEM/BTC and ETH holders. The main purpose is to exchange NEM mosaics for BTC/ETH/XEM

Project is written in PHP and will be up in a week or so. Is it worth developers bounty? I mean it’s said that it could be (if it’s written not in JS) ‘prior discussion’ - so should I make gitHub open source code and blog explanation to care about bounty?

Hello @Denis_Matafonov
I belive you are doing pretty same work like @Walkie101 (First nem mosaic exchange - support me if you like it :))

Haha, yes :slight_smile: I was also looking for bounty, but at the end i’ve decided to do it on my own. But ofcourse @Denis_Matafonov you can also try

No, its not the same project.

What do you mean? You said exchange for trading pairs including mosaics.

I didnt plan to include all mosaics whatssoever - there are no prices for them. My project concerns only mosaics listed by another our project and main main cryptocurrencies.

Actually we are testing NEM as a mosaic infrastructure, compared to eth.

Ok, i get it. Good luck then :slight_smile:

Interested to hear about the progress of these projects. @jabo38 is the one in charge of the bounties. Let me know if you need to reach him, he isn’t on the forum too often.

First stockexchange based on NEM is already working.

Here is the discussion about it: My NEM Mosaic exchange is up: pls test, appreciate in XEM

@jabo38 is that project worth bounty if I’ll explain how its done and share the code? What exactly should be shared? I dont think front end is part of interest in NEM bounty projext, right?

Is zeustrade already online?