Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here!


I have the tx but how do I create support ticket ?


Do I create support ticket including tx with Bittrex or NEM


This is my tx any chance you could help me out ?

Block 1246944

Hash 692cf244cefe5636938c60a60c68339a3cd55f6dccd1c648f898891e90f3d9c7


Please contact Bittrex support with the following URL and the message to be originally written.



I really appreciate your help, have a great day!




Do you know that you can also create test accounts on a test network?!
I would not advice you to invest any big money in any system or product that you are not familiar with
including NEM (XEM).

So to start i would you suggest you to
create a test account on nem test network using NanoWallet.

On sign up choose “Testetnet” option under “Select a netwrok”.

Then create the wallet .

Your nem address will start with “T” letter which indicates that is a test netwrok address.

Then you could check this thread to get some free testnet xem:

Then you can play with the wallet try export wallet data and private keys send xem and learn anything else about the system without risking any money.

Once you get familiar with the system then you invest in it.


I think my coin lost already, waiting for more than 60 days still no reply.


I first time support XEM, but once transfer with wrong message to Poloniex and coin lost. NEM support team can’t help us to recover our lost coin, after waiting for more than 60days, i already give up and consider myself very unlucky with my lost XEM.

If the transfered coin with wrong message can automatically return to sender wallet then will be great.


In Poloniex,
· Fill out the message by mistake
· The transaction ID
· Message that had to be originally sent
Did you tell it?

Support of Poloniex is very crowded.
We may wait for weeks.

But please tell me the above content.
You will be credited into your account at Poloniex.



Mizunashi, thanks for your help.

My detail transection

Block : 1164355
Tx hash : b025c7e11d1f902141503a039b0f6c357dca67dc38250ea977297d5591a2f707

Poloniex XEM address Address : NBZMQO7ZPBYNBDUR7F75MAKA2S3DHDCIFG775N3D
Correct Message : ff1cb5c24c91d110

Mistake Message : poloniex

Transection done on 22 June 2017


Please contact Poloniex support.
With these two pieces of information, Poloniex will respond.



hi team,

I have the iphone nem wallet app. How do i locate the transaction ID for funds I incorrectly sent to bittrex? i used an address code when i shouldve used a message code. the funds are floating out in nowheresville.

Bittrex are asking for the transaction ID and all i can show them is the attached.


I will investigate, so could you tell me your address?



Thanks mizunashi

Address is


Stewart Webb
0405 835 572


ransactions remitted to Bittrex can be referred to with this URL.

Please contact Bittrex 's support with this URL plus the Message that was supposed to be sent.



thanks mizunashi,

however I still need to find my transaction id?


It’s right there in there link. 55a18eb7b921a1c096c49b0d668e2683915fb238bb5b2bb21d13ecc505775420


Amazing thanks mate,

Stewart Webb
0405 835 572


Hello, a month ago I created a new wallet Nem and decided to bring him coins from the Poloniex exchange. Copied the address of your wallet NBL4CH-OQULBJ-UW54DS-RKPJZR-QRFXUG-KSSGG5-2OPR and transferred the entire amount , about 170 NEM. Txid: 748b6f4d86d860d6a450dcacf4329c4896f360d53eb6d982feca1d32fa375a8b, date 2017-07-15 12:58:32. They still didn’t come today, support Poloniex is silent. What did I do wrong and how to get your coins? Thanks for the replies


Wherte did you get that transaction id? I can not find a record of it in the block explorer.